Sean Lowe on Juan Pablo Galavis: You “Can’t Fix a Guy Like That”
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Sean Lowe on Juan Pablo Galavis: You “Can’t Fix a Guy Like That”

On Juan Pablo Galavis’s “After the Final Rose,” one of the definite highlights was Sean Lowe putting the man of the hour in his place after El Bachelor declared himself “done” with the show. As it turns out, Sean has a lot more to say on the issue.

Juan Pablo caught Chris Harrison by surprise when he refused to say anything substantive about his relationship, instead maintaining that he and Nikki Ferrell were keeping things private. Juan Pabs even got combative with Chris, accusing the show’s host of interrupting him and claiming that producers had concocted the so-called “big surprise.”

On March 11, Sean took to Twitter to weigh in on the debate. “As the Bachelor, you can't say, ‘I want to keep my feelings private,’” Sean writes, adding that “you owe it to the fans and network to open up.” Sean goes on to call out Juan Pablo for “disrespecting the nicest guy in show business,” meaning Chris Harrison. And Sean adds that you “can't fix a guy like [Juan Pablo].” Dayum!

Speaking of the nicest guys in showbiz, Sean would definitely be on the shortlist for that title. So the fact that he’s slamming Juan Pablo for not spilling about his relationship just shows how strongly Sean feels. That said, Sean lucked out and really did manage to find his soul mate on the show, which doesn’t happen to everyone. So maybe Juan Pablo just doesn’t want to talk about his feelings because he hasn’t yet found his Catherine Giudici.

Do you think Sean should cut Juan Pablo some slack? Or is he right to criticize him?

Source: Sean on Twitter