Bachelor Sean Lowe Is Ready to Make a Big Purchase!
Credit: Catherine Giudici's Instagram    

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Bachelor Sean Lowe Is Ready to Make a Big Purchase!

If you thought Sean Lowe couldn't get more manly, think again. Sure, this Bachelor brosef spends his waking hours feasting on Armadillo meat, flexing his pecs, brushing his sparse crop of nipple hair, doing push-ups, and wandering around California in various states of shirtlessness, but he's taking things up about a thousand more notches.

You guessed it, Sean is buying himself a new set of wheels. And not just any wheels. He's purchasing a Chevy Silverado, also known as the manliest truck in existence –– which can run up around $32K. "Sold," Sean tweeted on July 15. "I'm buying a Silverado tomorrow. #HRDerby2013."

That hashtag explains it all: Sean must have watched the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, seen all those balls in the air, and been so overwhelmed by testosterone he just had to do something extra macho.

So let’s please take a moment to bask in the glorious image of Sean riding around Los Angeles in a truck. It's like he literally couldn't get more American if he tried –– well, unless he prison tattooed a picture of a bald eagle on his forehead and refused to eat anything but hamburgers.

Who knows what Sean plans on hauling around in his truck bed (other than his fiancée, Catherine Giudici), but we can only imagine that he'll put that bad boy to good use. Maybe he can even get a job carting away future rejects from The Bachelor? They can film their limo exit and then get dumped in Sean's Chevy. It's a win-win!

Source: Sean Lowe on Twitter