Bachelor 2015: Sean Lowe Wants Marquel Martin For The Next Bachelor!
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor 2015: Sean Lowe Wants Marquel Martin For The Next Bachelor!

The Bachelorette fan favorite Marquel Martin will no longer be gracing our Monday night screens, which means we woke this morning to clouds that are a bit grayer and breakfast cookies (don’t judge) that just don’t taste as sweet. Andi Dorfman denied M-squared a rose during Episode 5’s Rose Ceremony, and though two other guys got booted on the June 16 episode, the only departure anyone really seems to care about is the Cookie Monster’s. Twitter exploded with a resounding “Nooooooooo!!!” after he was eliminated, and many people — including Season 17’s Bachelor Sean Lowe — have already tossed out the idea of Marquel as Bachelor 2015.

S.Lowe threw his weight behind Marquel’s candidacy by tweeting, “Too soon to start the Marquel for Bachelor campaign? Think about it @ABCNetwork.” A commenter responded with “already started,” then followed it up with #MarquelForBachelor. Oh yeah, our fave well-dressed gent already has his own hashtag, proving that the Internet is a beautiful place where the snappily dressed are appreciated, and Bachelor Nation dreams never die.

Sean’s not the only one on #TeamMarquel. Host Chris Harrison didn’t flat out say he wants Marquel in the lead role, but he does write in his Entertainment Weekly blog, it was “tough to see Marquel go home this week. The Cookie Monster was a favorite in the house and with our crew. The guy always had a smile on his face and he was a pleasure to be around.” That sounds like a vote o’ confidence to us.

The show has never had a black Bachelor before, and we gotta say we’re totally on board with the possibility of breaking up the sea of white faces. But more than that, M+M has more than shown us he’s got charm for days. And mad fashion skillz... and hotness... and great taste in cookies. Sounds like a recipe for Bachelor 2015 to us.

What do you think of Marquel for Bachelor? Would you tune in if he was handing out roses?

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