Sean Lowe Reveals His Wedding Location –– Has He Picked A Date?
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Sean Lowe Reveals His Wedding Location –– Has He Picked A Date?

You guys, we miss Sean Lowe so much. This Texas love muffin became a household name thanks to his stint on The Bachelorette, but fans really fell for him during The Bachelor Season 17, where he proposed to gorgeous Seattle native Catherine Guidici. But then? Then Sean showed up on Dancing With The Stars only to get kicked off, and it's been weeks since he last appeared on our televisions. Long story short, we need Sean to get married to Catherine ASAP so they can star in a televised wedding special for ABC.

Unfortunately, Sean and Catherine still haven't picked a date for their wedding. But there’s a silver lining: They want their nuptials to go down in Los Angeles, where they're currently shacked up in different apartments.

“It’s probably going to be in LA,” Sean tells HollywoodLife. “If we do the televised wedding, which it looks like we will, it just makes more sense since that production crew is in the LA area — and her family is in Seattle, mine is in Dallas, LA is a good meeting point.”

Of course, before Sean and his bride can get into the nitty gritty of wedding planning, they need to go on a pre-honeymoon. (Can we assume they’ll be staying in separate hotel rooms?) “Catherine and I are going to take a vacation,” he says. “I just want to chill out. Get away from my phone, from email, from everything and just lay on a beach for about a week.”

Whatever, Sean. We'll just be waiting here with this box of pizza in the hopes that you give the people what they want and get married already.

Source: HollywoodLife