Sean Lowe Vs. Juan Pablo Galavis: Who’s Got the Better Body? (PHOTO)
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Vs. Juan Pablo Galavis: Who’s Got the Better Body? (PHOTO)

We always suspected ABC’s Bachelors have magical powers of shirtlessness. Now we have proof!

Last year’s beauty queen, Sean Lowe, inducted Juan Pablo Galavis into the Bachelor fraternity on last night’s Season 18 premiere. Soon-to-be married Sean dropped some love-finding words of wisdom, then returned at the end of the night for a bonus scene.

At one point, Sean's shirt suddenly disappeared — never a bad thing — and JPG wondered how he did that. Sean explained that, when you're the Bachelor, that kind of thing just happens. Cut to Juan Pablo and — voilà! — his shirt is gone as well. We loved when this happened to Brad Womack, too. (Not so much for Ben Flajnik, although he has many other lovely qualities.)

Producer Elan Gale tweeted the pic shown, inviting fans to write their own captions about the shirtless Bachelors. The results are pretty good so far.

You compared them last night, right? When they flashed their guns? Who has a better body, in your opinion: Sean or Juan Pablo? Which Bachelor would you want to date, if he were single? There are no wrong answers ... unless you say you're not into either one of them. That’s just blasphemy.

Source: Twitter