Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Shower: What Did They Do?
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Catherine Giudici

Catherine Giudici’s Wedding Shower: What Did They Do?

When you’re as popular as Catherine Giudici, it’s hard to imagine how you’d fit in all the wedding celebrations before the big day! The 27-year-old Seattle native has been making her home in Dallas, fiancé Sean Lowe’s native land, and has been having quite the party time lately. Most recently, Cat had a little bridal shower on December 15 in Dallas. Daily Mail Online has all the details.

According to Sean’s dad, Jay, who will be officiating the ceremony between his son and Catherine, it was his family’s church friends who threw the weekend bash — the first of three wedding showers she’ll have in preparation for her January 26 nuptials.

“Catherine really liked spending time with everyone,” Jay tells Daily Mail, “and was busy taking photos with each attendee. She is a very gracious woman. We’re so thrilled to have her join our family.” Aww, we’re pretty much dying for Jay to be our dad, after his sweet manner on The Bachelorette Season 8 during Sean’s Hometown Date, and The Bachelor Season 17, when he told Catherine she’d be his “best friend” if Sean chose her.

Previous reports that Sean’s family didn’t approve of their future in-law circulated a few months ago, especially after SeanCat had an engagement party in Seattle in October with none of Sean’s family in attendance. But Sean’s dad was quick to deny the reports, and we’re happy to see him reiterate it so close to the wedding.

Guests at the shower were served a lunch that included shrimp cocktails, mini croissant sandwiches, cheese, and petifores with Sean and Catherine’s initials painted on them. At the end of the party, Sean paused his football watching (Cowboys, y’all) and stopped by the shower to say howdy and help his little lady haul her gifts back to her house.

Cat posted a pic of the big day on her Instagram, captioning a shot of herself in a cream dress, black tights, and black booties, “So blessed to call these lovely ladies my family!”

It’s a tough life, being Sean and Catherine these days: parties, presents, petifores, and a wedding paid for by ABC. We’re not jealous at all...

Sources: Instagram, Daily Mail Online

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