Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Blog: When I Knew I Was in Love With Catherine
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Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Blog: When I Knew I Was in Love With Catherine


Bachelor Sean Lowe made an enormously tough decision when he auff'd AshLee Frazier from his Thailandian fantasy suite, and he's basically a broken man. Did you see the way he sobbed quietly into that fountain? It's like his tears were co-mingling with the water and the rain, and it was all so beautiful.

As usual, Sean has a lot of deep, penetrating thoughts about this week's drama-filled episode, and he's taken it to his People blog to dish. Also, this dude is clearly an undiscovered poetic genius. We expect him to pen a book any day now — working title: That Time I Dated 26 Women.

In the meantime, check out highlights from Sean's blog!

On his feelings for Lindsay Yenter: "As Lindsay and I were kissing in the ocean, I remember thinking about how happy she made me and what a comforting feeling it was. We ended our day with dinner and a performance by traditional Thai dancers. Everything about my time with Lindsay felt right and I knew I was starting to fall in love with her. Hearing her tell me she loved me solidified what I saw in her eyes every time she looked at me."

On falling for Catherine Giudici: "I was always so happy around her and I think despite our different lifestyles, we were actually a really good fit together. Her sense of humor, her adventurous nature and her intellect kept me wanting more. Our snorkeling date was fun but my favorite part came later. That storm swept in so quickly, and we rushed back to the boat for cover but the moment seemed too romantic not to share a kiss in the rain. I knew I was falling in love with Catherine."

Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Blog: When I Knew I Was in Love With Catherine
Credit: ABC via WENN    

On AshLee Frazier's brutal exit: "I was really upset to see AshLee's reaction. Not because it made it more difficult for me, but because I knew she wouldn't have closure if she didn't allow me the chance to explain myself. All I wanted to do was console her and give her closure and talk it out. But I could tell that she wanted to leave my side as quickly as she could. Who was I to try and stop her? It was agonizing."

Sigh, turn around, Bright Eyes. No, really. We really think Sean would benefit from listening to some Bright Eyes right now. His is a problem only Conor Oberst can solve. Or maybe the Conor Oberst of country music, Kenny Chesney.

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