Sean Lowe’s Juicy, Behind the Scenes Details About Filming the Bachelor!
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe’s Juicy, Behind the Scenes Details About Filming the Bachelor!

One of our favorite things about the Bachelor franchise is how many former contestants and stars are willing to dish the behind the scenes dirt once their keep-mum contracts with ABC are up. Sean Lowe is the latest lead to start handing out details about what goes on when filming is going down, and we can’t thank him enough!

In his blog, Mr. Abtastic answered “7 New Questions about The Bachelor,” including whether contestants were allowed to wear sunglasses and how often he got to see his winner (and now wife) Catherine Giudici after filming wrapped. often did he and Cat get to rendezvous between the time he proposed and going public with their love?

During the four months the couple had to keep their relationship on the DL, Sean says, “We would get to see each other about every two weeks at a secret location but that wasn’t nearly enough!” Sounds pretty James Bond sexy to us! He goes on to add that “the toughest part of The Bachelor is falling in love with someone and then being forced to say goodbye.” Sad face.

Sean also admits that during that time, he and Cat had secret code names for each other. “I had her as Gaya McSnuggs in my phone. She had me as Mylo. Neither one of us has changed it.” Um, there actually may be such a thing as too much sharing when it comes to Bachelor deets.

So what about the amazing wardrobes everyone on the show seems to have? Sean reveals that the leads get clothing provided by “a stylist that picks out clothes based on your personal style and what looks good on camera.” While he got to keep all his clothes, he’s heard around the rumor mill that that policy has changed and leads now have to hand back most of their wardrobe. Isn’t a free wardrobe the whole point to being Bachelorette? Way to take our motivation away! Oh wait, we guess there are still 25 guys to tempt us...

While leads no longer get to keep the goods, contestants have it worse — they’re all on their own with no stylist, no temp clothing, no nothing! And he admits that “it’s really hard to pack when you have no idea where you will be traveling.” We bet!

One other odd thing about wardrobe… Leads and contestants are not allowed to wear sunglasses. Actually, it’s not that odd, as Sean explains. “I think this is pretty standard on any TV show. The people at home want to see the face of the person talking and sunglasses can sometimes hide facial expressions and emotions.” Can you imagine how different Sean’s proposal to Cat would have gone if he’d been wearing Ray-Bans?

Thanks for all the info, Sean!

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Source: Sean Lowe's Blog