Sean Stewart Dishes on Sex With Ex Adrienne Maloof: She Was “Sexually Experienced”
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Adrienne Maloof

Sean Stewart Dishes on Sex With Ex Adrienne Maloof: She Was “Sexually Experienced”

Sean Stewart dated former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof after she split from ex-husband Paul Nassif last year. Now, Sean is telling all about their relationship including details about their sex life!

Adrienne, 52, dated then-32-year-old Sean Stewart briefly in early 2013, with the pair splitting up that March. Adrienne is currently dating 24-year-old Jacob Busch, whom she has known for years.

Sean was interviewed recently by Brandi Glanville for her podcast, and the episode was released this week. Brandi tells Sean that Adrienne sold "false stories" about her to the media, and Sean claims Adrienne did that to him after their split, too. "I don't enjoy that either she did the same thing to me," Sean says.

Naturally, Brandi asks what the sex was like between them. "It was good, fun," Sean reveals. "She has a great ass, okay?" Sean adds that he gravitates toward older women because, well, they've generally had more practice. "I like older women because they’re more sexually experienced than younger girls," he says. Classy guy.

Sean adds that he's enjoying being single. "I do wanna clear up one rumor [Adrienne] never broke my heart," he says.

We have a feeling that Adrienne won't appreciate Sean talking about what things were like for them in the bedroom. But given that Adrienne appears quite happy in her new relationship, we doubt she's giving Sean much thought at all these days.

Do you think Adrienne will be upset about what Sean said?

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