The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 10 — “All Knocked Up and Nowhere to Go”
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The Originals

The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 10 — “All Knocked Up and Nowhere to Go”

Phew, this winter hiatus has been quite the wait, but now we’re getting exactly what we’ve been wanting: an all-new episode of The Originals. The supernatural series returned tonight, January 14, with the midseason premiere — Season 1, Episode 10 (“The Casket Girls”) — and roared back to life with some of the best one-liners of the season.

We were definitely missing the natural snark of our favorite Mikaelsons, but it was Josh (Steven Krueger) that really stole the show tonight. His lines were delivered with tons of sass and excellent timing — even going up against the reigning king of the French Quarter himself: Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

Check out all of the zingers from tonight’s episode:

Film 101

Josh: “Believe me, I know what it’s like, you’re OK. And hey, all of these notes that you made, it’s very Memento of you.”

Say Yes to the Dress

Elijah (in reference to her trying to fit into a dress): “Need any help?”
Hayley: “You might need to use all of your vampire strength.”

Pregnant Problems

Hayley: “All knocked up and nowhere to go.”

Don’t Touch Me!

Rebekah: “This festival might as well be in my honor. I need a proper costume, so bugger off. You made your choice. You and Klaus are best friends again. You’ve relinquished your right to touch me.”

Super Thirsty!

Josh: Hey Cami, you don’t have any, like, human blood in your fridge, do you?

A Chicken in Turkey

Josh: “Klaus, hey, what up? Guess what. I just moved to turkey. Weirdly, they don’t eat turkey here. Go figure.”
Klaus: “You’re lying.”

Time to Suffer

Davina [to Elijah]: “For 1000 years, you fed on innocent blood. Why don’t you choke on it.”

News Flash!

Hayley: “Now look, Sophie, I told you everything that I found.”
Sophie: “You told me he buried her between two lovely oak saplings. News flash — that was 200 years ago. They’re all trees now.”

Witch Banged

Father Kieran: “Cami, are you alright? Did you eat today? Oh, you must have fainted.”
Cami: “Yeah, or I got mystically coldcocked by four witches.”

Judge-Free Zone

Klaus: “Oh, come on. The stench of your judgement is overwhelming.”

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The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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