The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 13 — Is Monique Alive?
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The Originals

The Originals Extended Promo: Season 1, Episode 13 — Is Monique Alive?

It looks like the badass witch chapter of The Originals is just getting started. As we see in the extended promo for next week’s episode — Season 1, Episode 13 (“Crescent City”) — things are going to get much worse for the Original family before they get better. What trouble is Celeste causing in Episode 13?

The 30-second vid begins with a shot of another of the witch’s sacrifice rituals used to gain power, implying that Celeste has no intention of stopping her pursuit of power, even after Papa Tunde’s significant sacrifice at the end of last night’s episode.

“This isn’t witches attacking vampires,” Klaus says to Marcel. “They’re declaring war on us.” Cue a shot of Rebekah looking particularly distraught. Is she upset about the witches? Because, at the end of last night’s episode, it seemed that she was all for joining forces with them to take out her brother.

It looks like we’ll finally be getting the Elijah/Celeste meetup we’ve been waiting for. “I’m not here to kill you, Elijah, I’m here to teach you the error of your ways,” Celeste tells Elijah.

Elijah isn’t impressed with Celeste’s intended lesson. “It’s not everyday that someone asks you to betray your own brother,” he tells her. Yikes! Is he actually considering betraying Klaus for this witch? It’s possible that she has something to hold over him — i.e. his current love and mother of his unborn niece. In the next shot, we see Hayley and some dude (maybe a minion?) running through a fiery hall. They look trapped. Later in the promo, we see Elijah throw one of Marcel/Klaus’ minions across the compound. He’s uncharacteristically pissed about something.

Next, we see a girl trapped in a coffin. She bangs her fists on the top, screaming to be let out. It looks like one of the young witches — not Davina — sacrificed in the Harvest ritual. Is it Sophie’s niece, Monique? And does his mean that, every time one of the three resurrected witches dies, one of the sacrificed teenage witches will come back in their place?

Klaus ends the promo with one of his trademark quips. “The stench of witches is in the air.” Despite all of the murder and mayhem, we think he may actually be enjoying himself. Classic Klaus!

Do you think Elijah will betray Klaus to save Hayley? And what is Celeste’s end game? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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