The Originals Season 1, Episode 13 Promo Breakdown: 8 Things We Learn
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The Originals

The Originals Season 1, Episode 13 Promo Breakdown: 8 Things We Learn

We’re making like the French Quarter witches and breaking down the signs in the promo for Season 1, Episode 13 (“Crescent City”) of The Originals. Here are seven things we learned from the 30-second vid previewing next week’s all-new episode.

Celeste continues to gather power

Looks like Celeste won’t be letting up on the ritual sacrifices anytime soon. In the promo, Klaus and Co. find yet another death on the witch’s pursuit to gain power. They’d better put the kibosh on this soon, or no one will be able to stop Elijah’s ex-girlfriend.

This means war

Luckily, Klaus and Marcel seem to be taking the witch’s campaign to take over the French Quarter seriously: “This isn’t witches attacking vampires. They’re declaring war on us,” Klaus tells Marcel. We’d like to see an episode in which he under-reacts to a problem.

Rebekah is worried

We see a shot in which Rebekah looks seriously distraught. Given that she was captured and desiccated in the last episode, we’re guessing her concern has nothing to do with her physical well-being. Perhaps, Celeste threatens to expose Marcel and Rebekah’s collusion to bring Mikael to town all those years ago. So much for not provoking Klaus!

A meeting of exes

We’re getting the first reunion of Elijah and Celeste since the reveal that Celeste is really Elijah’s allegedly long-dead girlfriend — of course, Elijah doesn’t know of their connection, but that won’t keep us from reveling in dramatic irony!

Celeste has a proposition for Elijah

Celeste doesn’t seem interested in discussing the past, but rather in offering Elijah some sort of deal. “I’m not here to kill you, Elijah, I’m here to teach you the error of your ways,” she tells the well-suited vamp. Apparently, her proposal has something to do with screwing Klaus over. Elijah tells her: “It’s not everyday that someone asks you to betray your own brother.” But it’s got to be every other day, right?

Hayley is in danger

In the promo, we see Hayley racing through a fiery corridor with some dude in tow. She looks more-or-less trapped, which spells bad news for our favorite pregnant werewolf. Might Hayley’s life be collateral Celeste holds over Elijah in exchange for his allegiance to her plan?

Elijah is hulking out

Something certainly has Elijah’s undergarments in a bunch. Elsewhere in the promo, we see him through one of Klaus/Marcel’s minion’s across the compound’s courtyard. Why is he so upset? And why is he taking it out on the minions? (People always take it out on the minions.) Did they fail to protect Hayley?

Monique may be back

Guys, guys! We think the teenaged witches may be coming back to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be Davina’s turn yet, but — in the promo — we see one of the sacrificed witches (perhaps, Sophie’s niece, Monique?) trying to get out of a coffin. Was she resurrected when Papa Tunde died? And, if so, does that mean Davina might come back with the death of another of the resurrected witches’ deaths? Let’s hope so!

What clues did you garner from the promo for Episode 13? Are you as impressed with this new chapter in The Originals’ story as we are? Sound off in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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