The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 15 — “Be Happy, My Sister”
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The Originals

The Originals Quotes: Season 1, Episode 15 — “Be Happy, My Sister”

Now that Klaus finally knows Rebekah and Marcel’s deepest, darkest secret — that they’re responsible for bringing papa Mikael to New Orleans in 1919 — he’s not too happy. Last week’s episode of The OriginalsSeason 1, Episode 14 (“Long Way Back From Hell”) — took us on a long trip down memory lane, and it was the witches who reigned supreme, getting their revenge against the Mikaelson family.

Tonight’s episode — Season 1, Episode 15 (“Le Grand Guignol”) — picked up right after the aftermath of last week, with Rebekah and Marcel on the run and Klaus recovering from yet another blow to the heart from the black magic dagger.

As to be expected, the witches were not done having fun with the Original family — though the tensions were higher than ever. Cue the epic one-liners!

Check out the best quotes from tonight’s episode:

Fair warning...

Hayley: “Sudden moves make me jumpy…and homicidal.”

The ultimate betrayal.

Cami: “She’s your sister. How can you hate her?”
Klaus: “Because she has done what no one else has been able to do to me in 1,000 years…rip my heart out.”

Sibling love.

Klaus: “Be happy, my sister.”


Rebekah: “Just kill the three witches that brought the mighty Klaus Mikaelson to his knees. No big deal.”

Dog-eat-dog world.

Rebekah: “Look, we have one shot at this, And I know our chances of success are sweet bugger all, but we’ve got to do it. So please, one stray dog to another, help us.”

Ladies love Klaus.

Klaus: “Some women find me quite charming.”

The Sopranos

Lana: “They have a soprano to die for. I’ll introduce you if you promise not to eat her.”
Elijah: “Oh, Lana, a good soprano is never dinner.”

Do what you want...with your body.

Cami: “You want to self-medicate yourself with pity? Fine. Better scotch than my blood, no matter what Elijah says.”

Favorite son?

Mikael: “Niklaus is an abomination. You do not talk to abominations. You do not reason with them or try to change them. You erase them.”

Brotherly love.

Mikael: “Stand with me, or fall with him. Choose, son.”

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The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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