The Originals Sneak Peek: Season 1, Episode 18 — Klaus Threatens Genevieve (VIDEO)
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The Originals

The Originals Sneak Peek: Season 1, Episode 18 — Klaus Threatens Genevieve (VIDEO)

The Originals is back tomorrow with Season 1, Episode 18 (“The Big Uneasy”), and everything is hunky dory since Elijah’s peace treaty was enacted. But how long can peace really last? Well, from the sounds of this producer’s promo, about one episode. Facepalm.

“I’m told our coven hasn’t been able to celebrate feast days in the open since Marcel restricted the use of magic,” Genevieve says to Elijah in the courtyard of the Mikaelson compound. “Now with the new peace, I’d like that to change.”

Elijah may be for peace, but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten everything Genevieve and her friends have done to his family: “So your coven attempted to destroy my family and you yourself held my siblings in unspeakable torment, and you would like a party for the witches,” Elijah demands. Klaus, listening in nearby, seems to find this entire exchange totally entertaining.

But, from the looks of the elaborate parade seen in the next few shots, the witches do get to celebrate their feast day out in the open. Executive producer Michael Narducci explains: “In the last episode, Elijah said there was going to be peace, there was going to be this treaty, and what would that world look like. And so, in this episode, there is a kind of peace and the witches, who have been held in subjugation for so long, throw an event to celebrate their existence in the French Quarter.”

As part of the celebration, residents of the French Quarter can give offerings to the witches. We see Genevieve explaining the custom to those gathered: “As is our time-honored tradition, you are all welcome to deliver your offerings. It is our custom that no one should be turned away, no blessing be denied.” Yeah, right.

Of course, keeping with tradition of The Originals, everything will not go according to plan: “It’s a little bit like The Godfather where you show up and you give a gift, you give an offering, and the witches offer you a blessing for your cause or your desire or whatever, and at this event something goes horribly, horribly wrong,” Michael teases.

Finally, the promo gives us a glimpse of Klaus’ own part in the episode. We see him threatening Genevieve: “You think you have leverage over me. I will not be manipulated.” What has him so on edge? What leverage does he speak of? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out!

What do you think will happen to ruin the offering? Will it also end peace between the supernatural factions? Share your theories in the comments below!

The Originals airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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