Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 4 Promo: “The Devil Has a Face” (VIDEO)
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    


Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 4 Promo: “The Devil Has a Face” (VIDEO)

Our skin is still crawling from Ravenswood Episode 3, with the realization that Luke and Olivia's dad was killed because of the curse — and that his killer is now after the twins, Caleb, and Remy! But while we're still not sure who or what is behind that curse, we know that it's getting closer.

In Season 1 Episode 4, "The Devil Has a Face," each character gets closer to the things that scare them most. While Olivia and Miranda Collins bond, Liv has put herself directly in the path of something. Our recommendation to the Homecoming Queen? Don't hang out in dark rooms, and don't expect anyone to hear your screams.

Meanwhile, according to the episode synopsis, Luke is getting close to Tess for some reason, and we can't imagine that Remy will be pleased. But she has her own battle to fight, and from what we can see in this video, it looks messy.

For Caleb, family ties may be binding and unwelcome. When he tracks down someone he thinks is his relative, the man gives him more than just information — and it looks like Caleb couldn't be less pleased to have received it.

Check out this promo for all the clues to what's to come in Season 1, Episode 4 "The Devil Has a Face," and then tune in on Tuesday, November 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out if your hunches are right.

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