Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 6 Recap — The Origin of the Curse
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Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 6 Recap — The Origin of the Curse

Ravenswood is back and it's sassier, scarier, and more romantic than ever. What trouble did The Five get into in Season 1, Episode 6 (“The Revival”)? There was lucid dreaming, poltergeist-ing, and sexing. All in all, an action-packed episode! But did everyone make it out alive?

The episode began with an informative Ravenswood recap, and we have to say this review was helpful even for those of us who haven’t missed an ep. For example: Did you know the pilfered lock of Miranda’s hair was what kept her ghost locked inside the Collins funeral home? Or that The Curse requires five teenagers sacrificed per war? Yeah, us either.

Gang o’ Misogynists

The actual episode flashed us back to 1917, where Original Caleb and Original Miranda were totally getting it on. In their post-coital haze, they wandered down to a shack where the town misogynists were busy getting talked into signing The Pact (that would enact The Curse) by a persuasive preacher. Also, there was music.

Though the gathering was small (seriously, were there really only six men in town?!), we did see some familiar faces: Thomas and Esther. OK, you might not recognize them because last time we saw them they were fleshless skeletons. If you’ll recall, the two had holed themselves up in the basement of the Savings and Loan in an attempt to bring Original Miranda and Original Caleb back to life. The Five stumbled upon their cheery skeletons in the fall finale. In the flashback, we learn from Original Miranda and Original Caleb (who are busy eavesdropping on aforementioned gang o’ misogynists) that Thomas is Original Caleb’s dad and Esther is Original Miranda’s mom. Mind. Blown.

Esther isn’t having any of this The Pact talk. She thinks the men are stupid to sacrifice the town’s children for their own safety. But the gang o’ misogynists are all: be silent, feeble woman. So, Esther leaves in a huff. Yeah, let’s see what happens when you let the misogynists run the town...

Ghost House Arrest

In present-day Ravenswood, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) is just returned from a three-day excursion back to Rosewood. And, newsflash, people: he and Hanna broke up! But, curses and whatever. The gang catches Caleb up on what he missed: basically, Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) is stuck back in the Collins Funeral Home because (Uncle) Raymond Collins gave her another haircut. And it totally sucks. (The being stuck, not the haircut. You can’t even tell.)

This isn’t a good episode for Miranda in general. Caleb is being hella awkward around her because they totally shared a moment that time he died. Also, because he maybe, kinda, sorta implied to Hanna that there was something going on between Caleb and Miranda so that Hanna would accept Haleb’s breakup. Miranda is not happy that Hanna probably hates her, but Caleb is all: I don’t want her involved in The Curse. Whatever, Caleb. Stop using Miranda as the scapegoat for your relationship and tell the woman you love the truth. Opinion.

Luckily, Miranda keeps herself distracted this episode by full-on haunting Mrs. Grunwald in an attempt to get the woman to tell her where Uncle Ray is hiding her hair. It’s pretty awesome, though Miranda probably shouldn’t take up a career in poltergeist-ing or anything. Mrs. G. doesn’t reveal the location of the jars o’ hair because she totally has her own ghost protector. Said ghost has the ability to burn other ghosts. Don’t believe us? Ask Miranda, who gets “seared like a Mahi tuna” (her words, not ours) by Mrs. G.’s friend.

At the end of the episode, we see Grunwald summon the ghost. “I love you, too,” she tells the orangey spirit. The plot thickens! Who is the Mahi Tuna ghost and how is he or she connected to Mrs. G.? Husband? Sibling? Friend? Whatever. We’re just glad Grunwald is getting more of a storyline. We can only watch her make tea and dust for so many scenes.

Unlocking the Power of Your Dreams

Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 6 Recap — The Origin of the Curse
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Guys, guys! Remy (Britne Oldford) and Luke (Brett Dier) are back together! They don’t really talk about their reconciliation, but we’re trying not to look a gift horse in the mouth because we love these two in love. Elsewhere in Remyland, the big-haired teenager is experiencing some pretty frightening dreams. It’s OK, though, because said dreams might unlock secrets about The Curse. Because, reasons. Unfortunately, there is a scarecrow spirit who keeps frightening Remy both inside of her dreams and in real life into waking up before she can get to the good stuff. We hate when that happens.

The Five hatch a plan: they will guard Remy while she sleeps to keep her from being awoken by the scarecrow spirit. The plan totally works, and Luke and Caleb follow a sleep-walking Remy to the shack where the gang o’ misogynists were meeting in 1917. While Caleb and Luke only see the present-day abandoned barn, Remy sees the full meeting house as if it were still that night in 1917. While Caleb and Luke literally battle off the scarecrow spirit, Remy watches the townspeople including Original Caleb’s father sign The Pact. Bad move, dudes.

Remy follows the preacher as he exits the barn/shack/gang o’ misogynists' headquarters. He hands The Pact along with a knife to someone sitting in a car with the words “Hinchley, Trumbull, and Collins Funeral” painted onto the side. The car drives away, while the preacher uses a faster mode of transportation: flying. That’s right: the preacher spreads his arms, turns into a raven, and flies away. Because that’s how pact-persuading preachers roll in this town. Remy wakes up and throws herself into Luke’s arms, sufficiently freaked out and sufficiently suspicious of Raymond Collins.

Sleeping With the Enemy

The final shocker in the fall finale came with the reveal that the seemingly perfect boyfriend of Olivia (Merritt Patterson), Dillon, is actually working with the ghosts more specifically, creepy little girl ghost Max. In case we forgot about this unholy alliance, the winter premiere treats us to a scene of Dillon driving around town with Max in the passenger’s seat. Dillon convinces Olivia to come out with him that night, seemingly under orders from Team Ghost. “Satisfied?” he asks Max after hanging up a phone call with Olivia. Max tells him, “I’m not the one you have to worry about pleasing.” She has confidence that he’ll work it out or it’ll be “the grinder” for both of them. Also, she wants to stop for ice cream. (Can ghosts eat ice cream?)

Before meeting Dillon, Olivia and Miranda share a heart-to-heart, reminding us how much we love this burgeoning friendship. A curious Miranda just comes out and asks Olivia if she has had sex yet with Dillon. Apparently, the ghost girl has been thinking about it a lot as she died a virgin and now fears she always will be. (Can ghosts have sex?) Olivia tells Miranda that she and Dillon haven’t had sex. A few scenes later, they have sex. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!)

At the end of the episode, we see Olivia and Dillon all smiles as they drive around after their horizontal tango in the park. Unfortunately, so is Max, who is licking an ice cream in the back seat. Ew. Was she there when they did it? She makes eye contact with Dillon in the rear view mirror, and they smile at one another. For the second subsequent episode, Max gets the Creepiest Character Award and that’s pretty darn impressive considering that this week she was competing with a pitchfork-throwing scarecrow, a preacher who turns into a raven, and the always-eccentric Uncle Ray. The other characters will have to up their game in future episodes...

Memorable Quotes

  • “I speak for the children. It’s your vow, but they’ll be the ones to pay.” Esther, on The Curse

  • “I broke up with Hanna. Cause of you. I promised her I would look out for you. I don’t think I did a very good job of that, do you?” Caleb, on the subject of Miranda

  • “Come to visit the shut-in? I could use some human companionship.” Miranda

  • “Was, am, and I guess will always remain.” Miranda, on the subject of her virginity

  • “Dude, if you had to point out that you didn’t kiss? It meant something.” Luke to Caleb on the Miranda/Caleb non-kiss

  • “I mean, one second I’m sneaking up on Grunwald doing my poltergeist thing. The next second, I’m getting seared like a piece of Mahi tuna.” Miranda, on her first attempt at haunting

  • “Could be something big. Could be something small. Something so small it would fit in a jar about that size.” Olivia grills Grunwald about Miranda’s missing lock of hair

  • “Be careful, my dear. You think you have the answers, but you don’t even know what the questions are.” Grunwald to Olivia

  • “I have something really terrible to tell you: when we were together, I almost asked you to stay with me.” Miranda to Caleb

  • “This is more than just a dream, Luke. It feels like a journey.” Remy, on the subject of her dreams

  • “I know you must feel like a prisoner, but you must understand this is the only way.” Grunwald, on Miranda’s ghost house arrest

  • “I am so over this.” Caleb, on ghosts

Do you think Uncle Ray is on the side of the ghosts? Who is the ghost Mrs. Grunwald hangs with? And can ghosts eat ice cream? Share your theories in the comments below!

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