Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 7 Recap —  “Home Is Where the Heart Is — Seriously Check the Floorboards”
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Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 7 Recap — “Home Is Where the Heart Is — Seriously Check the Floorboards”

So far, Ravenswood has kept its focus pretty tightly on “The Five,” so this week’s episode — Season 1, Episode 7 (“Home is Where the Heart Is — Seriously, Check the Floorboards”) — felt like a regular Ravenswood parade. We checked in with social-climbing Tess, slushie-throwing Springer, and even Caleb’s dad, who was last seen not-stealing church bells on Pretty Little Liars. Plus, Uncle Ray smiled. Yeah, it was a big episode for Ravenswood.

When a three-sided knife possibly used in Mayor Matheson’s murder is found in the Matheson’s backyard, the full brunt of the Ravenswood police force descends on the Matheson home, totally waking Olivia from her beauty rest.The cops clap the cuffs on Rochelle, aka the Black Widow, for some more questioning only to get a 2-for-1 deal on the family when Luke, er, objects to the cops’ manhandling of his mother into the police car. In the slammer, Luke immediately makes a friend, a drunk who informs him that he will wish he were dead before this is over. Yikes!

In her family’s absence, Olivia continues to be creeped out by Uncle Ray. It’s starting to get sad to watch Olivia repeatedly shut down Uncle Ray’s attempts at helping her family. We’d probably do the same thing in Olivia’s situation, but there’s something about Raymond Collins’ particular brand of sullenness that makes us want to give the guy a hug. (Just us?) And does anyone else think he might be Olivia and Luke’s biological dad? Would we have to stop calling him Uncle Ray? And, if so, could we please have a scene in which he delivers in deadpan the line, “Luke, I am your father.” Thanks.

This week’s episode sees the return of Olivia’s bestie Tess, and her B+ boyfriend, Springer.

As it turns out, boyfriend Dillon isn’t the only person in Olivia’s life she should be wary of. Both Tess and Springer seem to be aware of The Curse, though — to her credit — Tess breaks up with Springer in a show of solidarity with Olivia. One point, female friendship! We knew a PLL-sourced show couldn’t stay away from BFF love for too long.

Later that night, when Olivia is walking home alone, Springer tries to tell Liv not to trust Dillon. Which is pretty nice. Not nice? His reasoning: “You gotta know what is happening and why I did this to you.” Olivia wisely manages to make a break for it before Springer can carry out Team Ghost’s evil plan. Springer chases her out into the road, but before he can catch our plucky heroine, he’s hit by a car driven by none other than ex-girlfriend, Tess. Two points, female friendship!

In other news, Caleb’s father is in town to check on him. (It’s about time. Your son has only been a truant for a few weeks now.) Jamie’s visit quickly turns into him giving his son an earful for breaking up with Hanna. (Get in line, dude.) Apparently, Jamie has forgiven Hanna for that time she falsely accused him of stealing a) money from the church offering and b) an entire bell. But, whatever. Either way, Caleb doesn’t want to hear it. He can’t exactly explain to his father why he broke Hanna’s heart, not without putting dear old dad in danger, too. Geez, Caleb sure does have a lot of lies to keep straight!

Jamie decides to stick around town for a few months to fix up the old Rivers house Uncle Henry left dilapidated when he died. Is it bad that our first instinct is to worry that Jamie will be used as coercion material against Caleb? Our second instinct is that Jamie knows something about The Curse, which would probably be even worse.

Poor Miranda is still stuck in Casa de Collins as she has yet to locate the glass jar containing her hair. Luckily, she has a new ghost friend: Mrs. Grunwald’s mother, Beatrice! You may know her better as the orange mist that attacked Miranda in last week’s episode. Bee is slightly friendlier in this episode — though not by much. We learn that she had Mrs. G. when she was only a teenager herself, before herself becoming a victim of The Curse. Now, Bee spends her time watching over her aging daughter. Which is kind of nice, in a creepy sort of way. Bee brings Miranda’s jar o’ hair to her, and tells Miranda to leave them alone. She doesn’t want The Curse to be broken as it would mean having to leave her daughter behind. We’re left to ponder if Miranda will break the jar, or remain trapped inside the Collins Funeral Home. (That seems like a no-brainer, right?)

This week, Remy adds some more skillsets to her already impressively broad sleep-resume. In the beginning of the episode, Remy awakes to discover she has drawn hundreds of pictures of what she knows about The Pact (aka the ceremony that entwined the fates of future Ravenswood teenagers with The Curse). One of the pictures? A three-sided knife like the one used to kill Mayor Matheson. The plot thickens!

Once Luke is released from jail, he decides to take a nap at the Beaumont house. Bad decision, dude. Remy sleepwalks over to his couch and nearly stabs her boyfriend. He awakes at the last moment to dodge the blade. Is it just us or are Remy’s sleepwalking jaunts getting more aggressive? We guess last week’s forays into lucid dreaming have been dropped. Unless Remy’s still pissed about that time Luke kissed Tess.

The almost sleep-stabbing is the final straw for Remy. She agrees to be admitted to a sleep clinic to presumably avoid murdering anyone. (Crazy theory: Could Remy have sleep-murdered Mayor Matheson?! Because that would be awkward.) But we’ll have to tune in next week to see how Remy’s sleep study turns out. Not good, judging by the promo. Just so you know, show, if Remy dies, we will not be happy. We don’t care how many people she tries to sleep-kill!

  • “The lady in the mortuary said you were up here.” — Jamie’s opening line to Caleb

  • “Like a villain in a melodrama, black suit and all.” — How Uncle Ray (accurately) thinks the Matheson twins see him

  • “I don’t think the patients would appreciate you in Bermuda shorts.” — Mrs. G. makes Raymond smile

  • “A bird in the house means a death in the family.” — Jamie, on a friendly raven

  • “You can’t go to a sleep clinic without your teddy bear.” — Remy

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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