Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 8 Recap — Not-So-Sweet Dreams
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Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 8 Recap — Not-So-Sweet Dreams

Tonight’s episode of Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 8 (“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”) was all about Remy’s (Britne Oldford) beautiful mind, and the not-so-beautiful villains who reside in it. Also on the docket: an exploration in just how useful Ghost Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) can be and Olivia’s (Merritt Patterson) efforts to sneak into Springer’s hospital room. Riveting stuff!

Or so read the generic poster hanging on the wall of Remy’s sleep clinic bedroom, aka the room where we spent most of the episode. In the wake of last week’s near sleep-stabbing of Luke (Brett Dier), a seriously exhausted Remy has been admitted to a sleep clinic to figure out just what is up with her sleep-activities. In addition to stabbing, her sleep hobbies include: drawing pictures of the three-sided knife that was used in The Pact and probably not-so-coincidentally the murder of Luke and Olivia’s dad. You may recall that said knife was found buried behind the Matheson’s house in last week’s episode. Basically, the knife gets a lot of play. More than Raymond Collins and Mrs. Grunwald combined. Which we think is a mistake.

Remy’s sleep doctor informs Remy, Remy’s dad, and Luke that she thinks Remy’s sleep-hobbies are related to the night terrors she had when she was a kid. (Um, duh.) Turns out Remy went to a therapist when she was seven for similar dreams about the three-sided knife. When Remy falls asleep, she dream-watches her childhood self having a dream. It’s all very Inception. When a shadowy figure comes to crash the dream party, Remy confronts him only to discover it is the pastor who first convinced the Ravenswood residents to sign The Pact. Basically, he is an evil, evil dude. Remy comes up with a dangerous plan: she will confront the shadowy figure for information about the knife. Easy peasy, right?

Miranda, Uncaged

Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 8 Recap — Not-So-Sweet Dreams
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Guess who flew the coop this episode? Our favorite ghost girl! Miranda opened the glass jar containing her hair, so releasing her spirit from the confines of Collins Funeral Home. And ghost girl never looked back. Because she is on a mission: to keep Caleb er, we mean Caleb, Luke, Remy, and Olivia safe, and she has a clue to do it. Her new ghost friend, Bea, had burned the words “Unseen Forces” onto the wall of Caleb’s room. (Hopefully, Uncle Ray doesn’t keep the security deposit.) Through some tech-savvy Googling on Caleb’s part, our duo soon learns that Unseen Forces is the title of a book. And guess who can go to the library now?

Miranda and Caleb actually find the book in the personal library of the high school history teacher, Mr. Price. Turns out Unseen Forces was written by H.A. Armitage, aka the man the Ravenswood High School was named after. When Mr. Price catches Caleb furrowing through his office, Caleb explains by mumbling something about how he is starting school there the next day guys, this Caleb-not-on-PLL thing is starting to feel real and wanted to find out more about the town’s history. Mr. Price scoffs at the idea of Caleb learning anything about the town’s history in a book about ghosts, which only seems to make Caleb and Miranda more anxious to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, Mr. Price is keeping his grubby little hands on the tome, which makes us think he believes in ghosts a bit more than he’s letting on. (At this point, we assume all authority figures secretly know about the ghosts. Also, all non-authority figures.)

A dejected Miranda and Caleb wander back to their humble abode where Miranda confides in Caleb the fear that she will only ever be a pathetic ghost who can never help her friends from not-dying. Which, we think is a valid concern given how her storyline has played out thus far. Luckily, Miranda’s about to get way more useful…

Across town, Remy is full-steam ahead on her plan to talk deets with the shadowy man from her dreams. She falls asleep, and meets the man for tea in her childhood bedroom. He agrees to tell her who killed Luke’s dad in exchange for an explanation of how she knows about The Curse. In the meantime, he info-dumps some seriously tantalizing tidbits about The Pact, including these details:

  • The selection of The Five wasn’t random.

  • “The town does its part.” (Presumably in enforcing The Pact do they choose which teenagers die?)

  • The Curse wasn’t broken when four of The Five survived: “Things happen. Accident. Illnesses. Sometimes, people even die in their sleep.”

Yeah, as in Remy is currently dying in her sleep. While she's having a nice, pleasant dream convo with the shadowy man, Luke, Remy’s dad, and the sleep doctor are doing everything they can to wake Remy up to no avail. Luckily, Miranda is on the case! She sees Remy’s face in the reflection of the boiling kettle in Caleb’s apartment, and knows something’s wrong. She and Caleb race to Remy’s room, where Miranda slips into Remy’s dream unnoticed by touching the cameo Remy has clutched in her hand. Because, why not?

Once inside, Miranda goes all bad ass on the shadowy man, cracking a lamp over his head and escaping with Remy into the closet. The girls follow the seemingly never-ending wardrobe to a black abyss, the shadowy man in hot pursuit. Remy jumps, falling into the abyss and waking up, while Miranda is nabbed by the shadowy man. “Get out of my friend’s head, you son of a bitch,” Miranda tells the man, before throwing him, too, into the abyss and out of Remy’s head. Seems Remy will be having sweeter dreams from here on out or, you know, at least the normal amount of nightmares for a teenager being hunted by the spirit world.

Back at Caleb’s crib, Caleb congratulates Miranda on a job well done, telling her: “There’s a lot of books out there, but this story isn’t written yet.” Subtext: she can be however awesome she wants to be. Which we think it pretty sweet. Caleb goes to bed, with the request that Miranda wake him up for school. Basically, she is his alarm clock. Saving Remy from certain death and keeping Caleb from missing first period? Super useful!

Hospital Hijinks

Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 8 Recap — Not-So-Sweet Dreams
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Olivia and BFF Tess spent more-or-less the entire episode trying to sneak into Springer’s hospital room. (Refresher: Last episode, Tess hit Springer with her car after he confronted Olivia and rudely started chasing her during her nighttime walk home.) This storyline made us realize just how much more competent the Liars are than the Five at getting stuff done. The Liars sneaking into a hospital room would have been a scene maybe two on PLL, but Ravenswood stretched it out for the entire episode.

Olivia eventually does make it into Springer’s room twice. The first time, she nabs his phone and listens to a handy audio recording of his voice, saying “I planted the knife. Wasn’t that enough?” When she returns the phone, Springer wakes up and she confronts him about it. He tells her he did it because Dillon, aka the boyfriend she just lost her virginity to, forced him to do it. Olivia just stares at him in disbelief. Badish timing, man.

  • “Be careful with that! It’s not a snow globe.” Miranda to Caleb on her jar o’ hair

  • “When you work for the newspaper, you learn the difference between what you know and what you can prove.” Remy’s dad to Olivia (Does he know about The Pact?)

  • “I can’t protect you if I’m hiding in that house.” Miranda to Caleb

  • “What good is sleep without dreams?” Remy’s sleep doctor (We don’t trust her.)

  • “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m missing the ‘scared of clowns’ gene.” Remy, being a badass

  • “I saw you first. That must mean something.” Caleb to Miranda

  • “Maybe I’ll find a dead boy to hook up with.” Miranda

  • “Promises were made. Debts are owed.” The shadowy man to Remy

  • “You have a lot of clothes.” Miranda to Remy

  • “You almost died trying. No knife is worth that.” Luke being sweet to Remy

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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