Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 9 Recap — “Along Came a Spider”
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Ravenswood Season 1, Episode 9 Recap — “Along Came a Spider”

The Five are upping their game to uncover the truth in tonight’s Ravenswood. Luke (Brett Dier) gets a confession out of Dillon and almost loses his life in the process. Remy (Britne Oldford) makes a deal with Springer that costs her her job. Olivia (Merritt Patterson) finally accepts Ray Collins’s help. And Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) find a clue in the form of an abandoned chapel. Here’s what went down on Season 1, Episode 9 (“Along Came a Spider”)...

Is it just us, or does Rochelle Matheson seem to get arrested every episode for the murder of her husband? This week, she is cuffed and taken away while on a family gathering with Luke and Olivia to visit their father’s grave in the cemetery. (This is probably a totally normal outing in this town.) The fam is having a swell time, admiring the paint-proof new gravestone Ray Collins managed to score them to keep off “Black Window” graffiti, until Rochelle gets carted away. All of this is witnessed by a nosey ghost lady also hanging in the 'yard. Her distinguishing feature? The spider that sometimes crawls from her cheek cavity. Charming.

You’d think by this point Luke and Olivia would be as underwhelmed by Rochelle’s arrests as we are, but it seems they’re pretty worried that they won’t be able to get together the money for their mom’s bail. Turns out their dad’s family won’t help them rude and their mom doesn’t have enough zeros in her account to manage on her own.

Luckily, Ray Collins is on the case! In a sweet exchange Miranda witnesses between Ray and Rochelle in the police station, Ray reminisces about how Rochelle was the only classmate he didn’t want to see move away after high school. Man, he really didn’t have any friends in high school. Or, perhaps, now. (Save for Grunwald. They’re totally besties.) Miranda convinces Olivia to ask Uncle Ray for help, and he posts the bail money to free Rochelle. Funeral directing can be a lucrative business especially in this town.

Olivia may be ready to give her boyfriend, Dillon, the benefit of the doubt in the wake of last week’s confession from Springer that it was Dillon who made him plant the Matheson murder weapon (coincidentally, the same 100-year-old knife used in the signing of The Pact) in the Matheson’s backyard, but Luke is definitely not. He’s even more suspicious when he finds out that Olivia and Dillon slept together for the first time three days ago, then the guy disappeared without so much as a text. Luke adorably vents his frustrations to Remy, insisting that Olivia has a blind spot where Dillon is concerned because they slept together. This results in an awkward segway into a discussion about how Remy isn’t ready to sleep with Luke, and won’t be until after high school. Luke is totally understanding, and our love for Lemy only grows.

Luke heads to the school where some sort of sporting event is gearing up. He finds Dillon alone in the locker room and demands the truth. Things get heated. When Luke slams Dillon into a locker, all of the shower heads pop off of the showers in what we can only assume is a ghost-geared maneuver. The room fills with steam as Dillon makes some pretty shocking confessions.

“You can’t hurt me. I’m not in this alone. I got backup,” Dillon tells Luke, admitting that he escaped the mark of The Curse by trading Olivia’s life for his. (Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.) Dillon helpfully suggest that Luke do the same: “My advice: offer up someone he really wants.” Who is he? Is it the preacher? And what makes one Ravenswood teenager more Curse-worthy than another? Questions for next week’s winter finale, perhaps.

Dillon escapes into the steam while Luke is distracted by a figure he sees in the shower room. He idiotically goes to investigate only to get nearly choked to death in the process. Is it Dillon who tries to kill Luke? Or, perhaps, a ghost? Whoever it was, why did they stop? Either Team Ghost is dismal at murdering, or they have a longer-term plan in effect.

Remy launches her own investigation into the truth in Springer’s claims, going to the hospital where Springer is still laid up watching old timey films and eating jello. Using her in at the newspaper, she convinces Springer to tell her the truth about Dillon and his role in the planting of the knife in exchange for an article publicly clearing his father of the robbery he’s still imprisoned for. Her father understandably freaks out when the article is somehow printed without his approval (isn’t he the editor or something?). He fires Remy from the paper, and she tries to explain that this is about more than just helping Luke’s family. But she can’t tell him about The Pact and the resulting curse that has her marked for death. Because this is a show about teenagers and, in shows about teenagers, they are never ever allowed to confide in an adult.

At the end of the episode, we see Remy wandering around Ravenswood after dark for no apparent reason, convincing us that there is some sort of clause written into the Ravenswood series bible that states one main character must end the episode with a creepy night time stroll on their lonesome. This week, it’s Remy’s turn. Luckily, during her nocturnal wandering she happens upon Uncle Ray yelling at Dillon in a car. They see her and drive off, but we’re left reeling from the possible implications of this meetup. Does this mean Uncle Ray is definitely on Team Ghost? Because we’re still holding out hope for him.

Miranda and Caleb don’t get much to do in this episode, but that is understandable as it’s Caleb’s first day of school in a new place! As a foster kid, we’re guessing he’s had a lot of practice at first days of school unfortunately, it doesn’t show. When he speaks to an invisible Miranda whilst trying to open his locker, two mean girls rag on him for being crazy. (Which, can we say, we don’t think would actually happen given how hot Caleb is. Just saying: hotness usually trumps light crazy in the twisted high school hierarchy.) Caleb isn’t much bothered by Nit and Wit’s bullying, but Miranda is. She uses her ghost-y powers to open their lockers and send all of their stuff careening onto the floor. Booyah!

When history teacher Mr. Price mentions Ray Collins’ protectiveness of a locked chapel in the corner of the cemetery, Caleb and Miranda naturally decide to investigate. Caleb swipes the key from Ray’s office (seriously, why does Uncle Ray let Caleb stay there?) and the two break into the chapel though not without danger: Miranda spots a gruesome-looking spider crawling on Caleb’s shoulder it’s similar to the one crawling out of Ghost Lady’s cheek in the opening scene. Miranda totally and adorably freaks out, but the creepy-crawly promptly disappears.

Inside the chapel, Caleb finds a tile etched with the six names of the families who originally signed The Pact: Baker, Sanders, Rivers, Dalton, Watterman, and Scudder. For those keeping track at home, that means both Caleb and Dillon’s families signed the original document. Later, Caleb sneaks back into the chapel to find the tile covered with more spiders, the Ghost Lady looks eerily on. Eek! What do these spiders have to do with The Curse? Are they real or ghost spiders? And who is the woman who travel with them?

We’ll have to tune into next week’s winter finale to find out. Who are we kidding we’re tuning into next week’s winter finale for one reason and one reason only: the Haleb reunion! See you next week, kids!

  • “Shall we test it? Who brought a can of spray paint?” Rochelle on her husband’s new and improved gravestone

  • “We were supposed to die, but we didn’t. And now the people we love are disappearing one by one.” Luke recaps Ravenswood so far

  • “Let me guess? Was your last school uniform a hospital gown and booties?" Mean girls to a ghost-talking Caleb

  • “I’m better at exploding than re-assembling.” Miranda on her ghost-y powers

  • “So, you go all the way with a guy, then he disappears for three days. Good decision.” Luke being not cool with his sister’s romantic decisions

  • “I remember the day you left for college. That was tough for me. You were the only classmate that I was hoping would stay in town.” Ray to Rochelle

  • “That snake may have some warm blood in his veins.” Miranda on Ray

  • “What’s the point in having a voice if you don’t use it?”- Remy gets poetic

  • “He knows. He knew before we knew. He gave you up so he could save himself.” Luke breaks the confirmation of Dillon’s betrayal to Olivia

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