Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 — What Dreams May Come Undone
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Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 — What Dreams May Come Undone

In the midseason finale of Ravenswood (Season 1, Episode 5: “Scared to Death”), we finally get a glimpse at the evil ghosts of Ravenswood. They appear in the creepiest form imaginable: a “Ring Around the Rosie”-singing little girl named Max. Max’s interests include: The Exorcist, hiding in closets, and throwing Caleb out of buildings. Caleb almost doesn’t make it through that last playtime activity — actually, he literally does die for a few minutes. But, hey, at least he finally gets a phone call in with Hanna this episode before he temporarily kicks the bucket!

Ghost Miranda spends most of the episode hanging out with her ghost parents in a ghost home of her dreaming aka unlimited pancakes and wardrobe changes! Since she’s been in the same outfit since she dies in Episode 2, we think the clothes might have been the clincher.

Another feature of Miranda’s dream home: a little sister, Max. Max isn’t actually her sister, Miranda’s ghost parents tell her. She just showed up in their front yard one day, so they take care of her. Miranda seems cool with this situation, but Caleb is not. He dreams himself into Miranda’s fake-home to explain to her how creepy this whole situation is. It’s not real, he tells her. Also, Max is totally evil. Miranda ignores him inviting the demon child to sleep in her bed but we totally believe him. Not only is it Caleb’s excellent eye contact that convinces us, but the fact that Max pulls a full-on Exorcist aka turning her head a full 360 degrees before the first commercial break. Persuasive!

What’s in the box?

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 — What Dreams May Come Undone
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

The last episode ended with us wondering what was inside of the box Caleb and Remy found in the school basement. Today, the gang Olivia, Remy, Luke, and Caleb gather to go through it’s contents. Mostly, it is a collection of old-timey photos (lamest cliffhanger ever), but there’s also a map and a letter from the Original Caleb to the Original Miranda all of it dated 1918, aka the year that Original Caleb and Original Miranda bit it.

While Caleb reads the letter, we flashback to 1918 and get to see Tyler Blackburn and Nicole Gale Anderson all glammed up in old-fashioned ‘dos, clothes, and massive hats as their Original selves -- and, oh yeah, they’re in love. “When we’re not together, I don’t exist,” Original Caleb tells Original Miranda. OK, that’s pretty sweet.

Caleb recognizes the room in one of the photos as the room ghost Miranda is currently hanging in with Max and her parents. The gang makes a plan to visit Caleb’s “Uncle” Henry at the nursing home to see if he can tell them where that room is. Luke tries to talk to Remy, but she blows him off. Does Luke not remember that he broke her heart last episode? Because we certainly do.

Back at the Matheson family home, Olivia tries to get Luke to open up about whatever went down with Remy. Her interrogation technique: a fresh batch of snickerdoodles. She doesn’t even have to make the batter to get Luke talking. He admits that he “definitely screwed up” (when he kissed Tess) and then was stupidly honest about it. Were we the only ones who totally dug Luke’s honesty? We gave him major boyfriends points for that.

Olivia commiserates by sharing her own relationship troubles. She is constantly blowing off her boyfriend, Dillon, to hang out with The Curse Gang. “Whatever you and Remy are going through,” Olivia tells her brother, “at least you’re going through it together.” Yes, at least they’re cursed to die together. Good point, Liv!

All roads lead to Caleb

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 — What Dreams May Come Undone
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

The field trip to the nursing home is called off when Caleb’s “Uncle” Henry turns up as an, er, client at the Collins Funeral Home. According to Raymond, Henry was scared to death. Yes, that is his officially diagnosis.

Mrs. Grunwald brings Caleb lunch and asks him if he is looking for Miranda why doesn’t the gang just grill Mrs. G.? She seems to hold all of the juicy secrets to both Rosewood and Ravenswood. Just saying: she would be our interrogation target. She gives Caleb the address of Miranda’s childhood home, then cryptically tells Uncle Ray that “you need to do it tonight” because Caleb and Co. are looking for Miranda. What are these two up to?!

Meanwhile, at the Matheson’s, Dillon shows up to check in with Olivia. His girlfriend did almost die a few episodes ago, you know. Apparently, Dillon has been trying to call her all morning. Liv is not up for playing any of his guilt games, so he tries another approach: what’s in the box? Olivia mentions that it belongs to Caleb and she told him she would go through it for... reasons. Dillon is all, “All road lead back to Caleb,” which we think is kind of hilarious because every dude on this show at some point thinks his girlfriend is dating Caleb. Dillon offers to help, which turns out to be a good thing as his extensive drafting knowledge reveals that the “map” is actually a building blueprint. Wouldn’t that have been kind of obvious? Maybe we’ve been overestimated Caleb and Co.

Luke tries to talk to Remy at The Volt, but things go awry when Tess calls during their convo. Mega awkward. Remy tells Luke that, if he wants to talk about The Curse, that’s cool but, “I am not your girlfriend anymore.” Burn.

In other relationship news, Hanna and Caleb have an actual phone conversation squee! and it’s wonderful. Hanna almost makes us and Caleb forget about all of the bad stuff going down in Ravenswood. Of course, Hanna still thinks Caleb’s only concerns in Ravenswood involve helping a still-alive Miranda come to terms with her horrible uncle. (Time to take a page out of Luke Matheson’s Honesty in Relationships Guidebook, Caleb!)

Hanna tells Caleb that she has booked a hotel room in Ravenswood to come visit Caleb, reminding us how much we love Hanna’s go-get-em attitude. Caleb, desperate to keep Hanna from danger, tells her that there’s no need for her to come visit because he is coming home. They exchange “I love you”s and make plans to eat takeout and “cuddle like teddy bears.” We would watch that episode, but something tells us there is no teddy bear-like cuddling in Haleb’s future…

Productive sleeping

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 — What Dreams May Come Undone
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

That night, both Caleb and Remy have extremely productive bouts of rest. Caleb dreams himself back into Miranda’s dream home. He tells her that he went to her childhood home and it’s just an empty lot, i.e. your dream home doesn’t exist, Delusional. But, it’s no use. Miranda is drinking the Evil Ghost Kool-Aid. The visit isn’t a total bust, however, because Caleb finds a handy-dandy exit out of Miranda’s fake-bedroom through a door in the back of the closet. Remember that, readers!

Remy’s habit of sleepwalking finally comes in handy, as she manages to sleep-break-and-enter into the old Ravenswood Saving and Loan (we’d like to see the cops fill out that police report). She brings the others (sans Miranda, obvi), and they find a secret room bricked off from the rest of the basement. It gets creepier. Inside the room, the gang finds the skeletons of Thomas and Esther. Turns out they were friends of Original Caleb and Original Miranda, and that they bricked themselves into the basement. They thought that, if they offered themselves up as sacrifices, then Original Miranda and Original Caleb would come back and break The Curse. How’s that working for you, guys?

Exposition dump: Original Miranda and Original Caleb were totally in love. The gang finds a “letter” Miranda wrote back to Caleb, and the gang realizes that these aren’t letters they’re reading, but wedding vows. The boating accident that claimed the lives of Original Miranda, Original Caleb, and three others was actually their wedding cruise. Bummer.

Luke, Remy, and Olivia totally connect the dots and realize that Esther and Thomas’ sacrifice might have worked. Original Miranda and Original Caleb came back as the Miranda and Caleb we know and love. “Maybe we don’t have to die,” Olivia voices, hopeful that Caleb and Miranda will be able to break The Curse. This justifiably freaks Caleb out. He’s all: “I don’t think Miranda and I are the chosen ones. She’s just a girl I met on the bus a week ago.” Also, he loves Hanna. We hate to say it, Caleb, but we’re with the others on this one: the ghosty facts speak for themselves.

Across town, Ray furiously digs up Miranda’s body to collect another hair sample to fill the gap in his Victims of the Curse Hair Collection. Judging by Mrs. Grunwald’s insistence that he get this task finished quickly, we wonder whether Ray’s collection is protecting or harming the teens?

Word of advice: never choose to enter an abandoned, allegedly haunted house on a street called Sawmill Road. It will never end well. But, this is exactly what Caleb and Co. decide to do next when they find a photo in the Savings and Loan basement that reveals Miranda’s real location. They head over to the decrepit broken down house and are welcomed by Max, who is in full-on creeper mode at this point with an echoing rendition of “Ring Around the Rosie.” She locks the door behind them and they race upstairs to find Miranda. Unfortunately, Miranda still sees the lies the evil spirits have painted for her: a cozy home with the parents she never had the chance to know and love.

The house starts fighting back. A wayward nail slices Luke’s cheek. The ceiling begins to fall in. Luckily, Caleb remembers the exit through the closet he saw in his dream visit. He breaks through and Luke, Olivia, and Remy jump to safety from the second floor. But Caleb won’t leave without Miranda. He begs her to see the truth, so she quizzes her mom about the time she taught her to ride a bike. Ha! Trick question. Miranda’s parents died long before they could teach her. That’s actually pretty sad. Miranda ghost-jumps to safety. Caleb goes to safely follow, but is hit with a chunk of flying debris and thrown from the house…

When Caleb comes to, Miranda is there to pull him to his feet. Caleb asks Miranda why he can touch her. Miranda puts on her concerned awkward face because, it’s not that she is alive again, but that Caleb is dead. But, fear not, he still has time to return to the Land of the Living if he acts quickly. Caleb hesitates. He puts his hand on Miranda’s cheek and tells her, “I can’t explain it, but it feels right being here with you.” He goes to kiss her, but she turns away. “It’s not right yet, but I know it will be,” Miranda tells Caleb and the entire Haleb shipper community throws things at the screen. We’re going to blame that discussion on Caleb’s head wound.

Caleb wakes up again, this time in the Ravenswood hospital and, this time, alive. Phew. Luke, Remy, Olivia, and Dillon are visibly relieved, too, as they hover near Caleb’s hospital bed, Ghost Miranda looks on, too. Aww, one big Ravenswood family! Well, almost. Turns out one amongst their number is playing for the other side.

Dillon volunteers to go get coffee for the gang, and we’re generously thinking that he is the best boyfriend ever until he meets up with Max in a hospital supply room. “After all we did to get them in that house, how could this happen?” he asks Max, revealing himself as a player for Team Evil! “They’re connection was stronger than I thought,” admits Max. They agree that “he” won’t be happy, implying that there is a Big Ghosty Bad (or Uncle Ray?) behind The Curse and all of Ravenswood’s evil spirits. You know, just in case you needed something to fuel your nightmares until Ravenswood returns in January.

  • “Liv, I gained 10 pounds after dad died. If you’re starting another baking bender, I’m out.”

  • “I’m starting to think the truth is overrated.”

  • “I can’t make it go away until I accept that it’s real. So, welcome to the new normal.”

  • “I read more than just style magazines.”

  • “It was only the day we met that I understood the meaning of eternity.”

  • “Whoa, guys. I am not Original Caleb. I’m me … I have a girlfriend, and I love her.”

  • “Is it just me, or did it just drop like 20 degrees in here?”

  • “It looks like they left 100 years ago and never came back.”

  • “Ok, there’s creepy and then there’s, if I pee my pants, no one’s allowed to make fun of me.”

  • “She didn’t bring you here. I did.”

  • “I don’t know what that little girl is, but I know what she isn’t: human.”

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