Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”
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Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”

Tonight’s winter finale of Ravenswood featured death, doppelgangers, and a Haleb reunion! Hanna finally learned the truth about Miranda’s death. Luke and Olivia discovered the identity of their father’s killer. And Raymond Collins finally came clean about his role in The Curse. What else went down in Season 1, Episode 10 (“My Haunted Heart”)? Read on to find out!

Caleb Spills the Beans

There was a lot of emotional pay off in this episode, but perhaps none as eagerly anticipated as the Haleb reunion. Last time we saw the star-crossed lovers together was on Pretty Little Liars, when Caleb implied he was seeing Miranda, then drove away from Rosewood to keep his girl safe from The Curse. How’s that working out for you, dude?

In the winter finale, Hanna took matters into her own hands, visiting Ravenswood to give Miranda a strong talking to — and she wasn’t taking, “You just missed her”s as an excuse. Eventually, Caleb has to fess up: “Hanna, Miranda’s dead.” Also: I talk to her ghost and her ghost talks back, OK? Hanna is decidedly not OK with this. She freaks out, then flees Caleb’s funeral home abode for some air. Totally justified.

At the local coffee shop, Hanna runs into one of the many Ravenswood friends she managed to make in the PLL Halloween special: Mrs. Grunwald. Their encounter is kind of awesome. Hanna thanks Mrs. G. for pulling her bestie (aka Alison) from the ground, and Mrs. G. convinces Hanna to open her mind to the seemingly impossible: “The veil is thinner here. You’ve experienced that yourself.” Yeah, Hanna! Remember how freaked out you were in the Halloween special? That’s basically this show times infinity.

Hanna Makes Friends

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

Hanna finds a sulking Caleb at the park. You can tell she’s had a lot of experience with people she thinks are dead being not totally dead because she has already processed her feelings and is ready to chat about what Caleb has told her (which, compared to the whole truth, is actually very little).

Hanna tells Caleb that she is both extremely saddened that Miranda died and is seriously freaked out that Caleb almost died, too. Cue Haleb hug. All is right with the world... Until one of Hanna’s other Halloween ep friends makes an appearance: Max, the red-coated ghost girl. Hanna was sketched out by the pint-sized spirit when she visited Ravenswood before, but we know all about Max’ homicidal tendencies from watching Ravenswood. (Full confession: she’s the scariest ghost on this show. Also, our favorite.) While Caleb is on the phone, Max leads Hanna away. Caleb manages to snatch his girlfriend back from the ghost girl, but is frightened by the entire encounter. He doesn’t want Hanna to be ghost-murdered. Sigh. Dating in Ravenswood is hard.

Back at the Collins Funeral Home, Hanna talks aloud to Miranda. She expresses sadness over the teenager’s death, and even sheds a tear or two for the girl she met just once. Unbeknownst to Hanna, Miranda is actually listening in. Even though Hanna can’t hear her, Miranda tells her that Caleb loves Hanna, and that he stayed to keep a promise for her. OK, this scene actually had us tearing up a bit. Well done, show.

Olivia and Luke Solve Their Father’s Murder

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

Speaking of tearing up, were you expected to be emotion-punched in the gut with the reveal of who killed Mayor Matheson?! Because we certainly were not. While Caleb is busy not telling Hanna most of the truth about Ravenswood, Luke and Olivia decide to return to the scene of their father’s death — his office — in hopes that Remy’s newest ghost friend will show them what happened to their father. Remy joins.

Remy’s ghost friend helpfully replays Mayor Matheson’s murder for Remy, Luke, and Olivia to see. Which means Luke and Olivia have to look on in horror as Dillon — aka Olivia’s boyfriend and virginity-taker — waltzes into the office and stabs their father to death. The murder seems to be part of his alliance with Team Ghost. For some reason, Dillon thinks that by killing Mayor Matheson he will save himself from The Curse. As the Siblings Matheson cling, sobbing, to one another, Remy observes. She notices that Dillon left his bloody fingerprint on a book still on the shelf. They should be able to use that to prove that Dillon was responsible for the murder.

In the aftermath of the big reveal, Remy goes home to give her dad the scoop. Unfortunately, Dillon is waiting for her there. He knocks her out, then drags her limp body away. If we were Team Ghost, we’d go after Remy, too. She’s totally the most competent.

Team Ghost Sends Mixed Messages

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”
Credit: Patti Perret/ABC Family Channel © 2013 Disney ABC Television Group    

In an effort to find Remy, Caleb confronts Raymond Collins about his apparent role in Mayor Matheson’s death. Uncle Ray swears he had nothing to do with it — he didn’t even know Dillon was responsible. According to Uncle Ray, the Collins family does nothing to carry out The Curse, but simply keeps the souls of the victims safe until the contract is completed. When Collinses like his sister (and Miranda’s mother) tried to defy The Curse, they were killed. Even so, Uncle Ray tried to get Miranda out of town by feigning indifference towards his niece when really what he wanted was to give her a great, big hug (our words, not his). This makes us (and Miranda) happy. We knew Uncle Ray wasn’t evil!

Dillon lures Caleb, Miranda, Luke, and Olivia to the Old Chapel, using a photo sent from Remy’s phone. Once the gang is all there, Reverend Abadon — aka the pastor who oversaw the signing of The Pact — begins to bring Miranda back from the dead, which sends some seriously mixed messages. Do you want Miranda dead or not, ghosts?

Before Abadon can complete the spell, however, Uncle Ray stops him. It turns out that Abadon was bringing Miranda back from the dead so that he could kill The Five together. Tricksy. Uncle Ray manages to divert Abadon’s plan by smashing one of his jars o’ hair and unleashing another ghost to roam around Ravenswood: the Original Caleb. Gasp!

The Five live to fight another day (well, sans Miranda — for now), but Dillon is not so lucky. Freaked out by Abadon’s theatrics, he makes for the woods, which seems like a flawed plan. Max convinces Dillon that he can trust her. Psych! She leads him to a set of train tracks upon which he is promptly hit by an oncoming train. Someone in Team Ghost’s management should give this girl more power. So far, she seems to be the only spirit who gets anything done in this town.

Hanna Drives Away

Ravenswood Season 1 Finale Recap — “My Haunted Heart”
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Hanna somehow manages to miss all of the chapel excitement, but we forgive her. As Caleb says goodbye, he asks Hanna if she believes him. For her, at least for now, it doesn’t seem to matter. “I know what the smart thing would be, but I don’t think the smart thing would make me as happy as you do,” she tells him. Aww. (And, we agree.) The two kiss, and Hanna drives away as Caleb tries not to cry man-tears. These two do entirely too much driving away from one another.

Of course, Miranda catches this entire goodbye scene, which is kind of creepy, but we let it slide because she totally has this tragic unrequited love thing going on. She is both in love with Caleb and a Haleb shipper. You can understand how this is problematic and confusing for her.

Lucky for her, Caleb is no longer the only Caleb-faced person in town. While Miranda is sulking on an apparently ancient park bench, Original Caleb (circa 1918) strides towards her, imagining that she is his Original Miranda (also, circa 1918). Miranda does not dispel him of this misconception, but rather revels in the fact that a Caleb-faced person can touch her and is looking at her like he loves her. We think this might make us sad, too? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Season 2 to find out what everyone else thinks of Caleb’s doppelganger — and if Miranda’s doppelganger isn’t far behind...

Memorable Quotes

  • “That was eight kinds of awkward.” — Luke, on Hanna’s asking where Miranda is

  • “She really loves him. You can tell by looking.” — Remy is totally a Haleb shipper

  • “Caleb, show her to me and I’ll believe you.” — Hanna doesn’t believe in ghosts

  • “Who could I sue in this town for making my boyfriend crazy as a bag of cats?” — Hanna

  • “What you have with Caleb. That’s worth more than one afternoon, isn’t it?” — Mrs. G. plays matchmaker

  • “Come back to the house. I know your last experience was...challenging. But it’s different in the daylight.” — Mrs. G. invites Hanna over

  • “So, have you met any famous dead people yet?” — Hanna talking aloud to Miranda’s ghost

  • “I’ll protect him. Until he can come back to you. I promise. I know all about promises. Caleb taught me.” — Miranda promises Hanna

  • “[I was] keeping Hanna from walking away with Max, the moppet from hell. In broad daylight.” — Caleb, on his days activities

  • “I don’t want the police to find Dillon. I want to find him, and I want to kill him.” — Olivia, on her preferred breakup method

  • “Some things you text. Some things you tell.” — Remy, being witty

  • “Whoever questions this gets the same answer: death.” — Uncle Ray, being dramatic

  • “You have no idea what that was like — the last living connection to my sister — and I slammed the door in her face. And then she was gone.” — Uncle Ray misses Miranda

  • “Luke, don’t break his jaw until he tells us where Remy is.” — Caleb reigns Luke in

  • “Death for you, Miranda, it may not be permanent.” — Abadon

  • “I like you, Dillon. You bought me ice cream.” — Max

  • “Keep that in a safe place. Don’t lose it.” — Hanna, upon kissing Caleb

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