Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Reasons April Made the Wrong Choice
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Reasons April Made the Wrong Choice

OK, we’ll admit it: we’re obsessed with Japril. We totally got butterflies when April finally confessed her love to Jackson in the Season 9 finale of Grey’s Anatomy. And seeing Jackson reject her because he thought she was only interested in the chase? Totally broke our hearts.

April’s solution? Marry Matthew anyway. Um, April, you crazy?! We wish we could invite her over for coffee and talk her out of making potentially the biggest mistake of her life.

But ‘til then, this list will have to do. Here’s why we think she’s totally making the wrong choice:

She made the decision in the heat of the moment. We get it: she was totally panicking. It was an emotional moment. Jackson shot her down point blank, and that’s super harsh after taking a leap and telling someone you’re in love with him. But that doesn’t mean she should follow her first gut reaction after having her heart broken! That almost always leads to disaster. Maybe a big carton of ice cream would have been smarter?

She really loves Jackson, not Matthew. We know it, Matthew knows it, and anyone even halfway paying attention to Grey’s the past couple of years totally knows it. Matthew is cute and a total sweetheart, and in another life (as a Katy Perry song plays in the distance) they would be soulmates. But marrying him without being in love with him is so unfair, especially after she’s already hurt him once.

Jumping into a serious commitment may not be what’s best for her right now. If you’re not sure what to do in almost any situation, we’re gonna have to say that getting married is the wrong answer. We would love to see her and Jackson finally get it right, but she needs to take a breather. Maybe spend a long weekend at home on the farm and be one with nature? Walk down the aisle not included.

Do you think April made the wrong choice picking Matthew? Sound off in the comments!

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