Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 5 Reasons Addison Should Return
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 5 Reasons Addison Should Return

Ever since Private Practice closed its doors, fans have been wondering if and when Kate Walsh will drop by Grey's to reprise her role as the dearly beloved (and much missed) Addison Montgomery. Sure, she's got a new show coming up, but she could always drop by for a few episodes, right?

Fortunately, it sounds like both Shonda Rhimes and Kate Walsh are on board with an Addison return, so it's probably just a matter of finding a time when Kate is free and a return makes sense for the show, plot wise. That said, we're losing patience. We want our Addison fix, and we want it now!

Why are we so eager to see Addison return? Here are our top 5 reasons we need the original Grey's redhead back in our lives ASAP.

1. Her fierce personality. Addison has a fiery personality that matches her red locks, and we absolutely love it. Grey's isn't exactly running short on good characters or good one-liners right now, but we can always do with some more of that Montgomery spirit.

2. Resolution with Mark's death. Yes, Lexie was the love of Mark's life, but his relationship with Addison was another defining one in his life and vica-versa. Mark's death might be old news at this point, but as longtime fans of the show we would still love some closure there, even if it's only a brief conversation about her feelings (perhaps with Derek?).

3. Her MerDer dynamic. Addison, Meredith, and Derek obviously have a long and complicated history, which has led to some pretty fascinating dynamics over the years. Given that Meredith and Derek are generally happy right now, Addison could add some fun spice to their plot for an episode or two (and we'd love to see her interact with their kids).

4. That classic Grey's feelings. Season 10 is a major milestone for the show, and it just makes sense that a major character from the early seasons like Addison would return to help celebrate a decade of Grey's goodness. The past of the show meeting the present, and looking towards the future. We like it!

5. All the plot potential! That said, the biggest reason we want Addison back is that there are so many interesting ways she could be incorporated into the show, either for a mini-arc or a longer, multi-episode one. Obviously, she's a stellar doctor, so she could always come back for an interesting case of the week. Or it would be interesting to see her face off against Owen for the position of chief of surgery (which she wanted in the past) — after all, he needs something to do this season besides date. Or maybe she could come on later in the season and be involved with Cristina's departure from the show, maybe by offering her a job opportunity she can't refuse... Really, the opportunities are endless!

Why do you want to see Addison return? sound off in the comments below!

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11.4.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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