Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 5 Reasons Callie and Arizona Should Make It Work
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 5 Reasons Callie and Arizona Should Make It Work

Callie and Arizona — more familiarly known as Calzona — been one of our favorite Grey’s Anatomy couples since Arizona first walked up to Callie in that bar bathroom and planted a kiss on her lips, but Season 10 hasn't exactly been gentle on the pair. It looked like their marriage was headed towords a swift and painful end, until Callie, after a bit of prompting from her dad, decided to reach out to her wife to try to give things another shot.

We're thrilled to see Callie and Arizona finally moving forward, even if it's only a baby step so far. They belong together. Here are five of the reasons we want to see them make their marriage work:

1. Sofia. When thinking about Callie and Arizona’s relationship, the first thing that pops into our head is baby Sofia. Come on, hasn’t she been through enough? She’s already lost her dad. We loved how Arizona fought to see her even though she and Callie weren’t talking, and this adorable baby deserves to grow up with two wonderful mommies.

2. They fought so hard for their relationship to work. When Callie and Arizona first started dating, their relationship seemed impossible. Callie’s dad threatened to cut her off from the family fortune, and their marriage wasn’t exactly blessed by her mother. But finally, they made it down the aisle in one of the most beautiful weddings in Grey’s history. If they could make it past those obstacles, surely they can make it past a one night stand.

3. Arizona is willing to do anything for forgiveness. From the moment she first arrived, smooth-talking visiting doctor Lauren had everyone in the hospital under her spell, so it was easy to see how Arizona could fall into her trap. Even we were charmed at first, but it wasn’t long ‘til we were wishing we could send her packing. We were super disappointed in Arizona’s lapse of judgment (and how she initially lashed out when Callie found out) but we love how she tried so earnestly to make amends.

4. They need each other right now. Between the plane crash, the crazy superstorm, and Callie's lawsuit, a messy divorce is the last thing Callie and Arizona need to deal with. We definitely think they need each other to survive right now.

5. They make us believe in love. OK, fine — one of the reasons we want Calzona to work it out so bad is because they’re so freaking cute together. What would Grey’s be without adorable Callie and Arizona scenes to equalize some of the usual hospital drama? They’re so well suited for each other, and we refuse to watch their relationship go down without a fight. No, seriously, we’ll picket ABC headquarters.

Do you think Callie and Arizona will make it work, or are they dunzo? Sound off below!