Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Is Addison Coming Back? Shonda Rhimes Says…
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Is Addison Coming Back? Shonda Rhimes Says…

In case you had any misconceptions about the finality of January's series finale of Private Practice: No, there will not be a Season 7.

But the good news is that Grey's Anatomy is still alive and kickin' and ready to bring back the woman Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) once described as "all leggy and fabulous": Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh).

Tantalizingly, we already know that a "key character" is returning in Season 10Season 10, Episode 8. Might it be Addison?

One Twitter fan asked Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes point-blank about the potential of Kate's return.

Addison went from the bleepin' bleep who comes between Meredith and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to being the most sympathetic adulteress in the history of TV — in our books, at least. (And we don't just say that because of her McSteamy choice of man-whore.) That groundswell of likability is a credit to both Shonda and the rest of the Grey's writers and to Kate's acting prowess.

So beloved was Addison, in fact, that Shonda and ABC even granted her her own show, Private Practice. Happy as we were to see Addison thriving in Los Angeles, we always missed her repartee with her compadres in Seattle. Luckily, Shonda kept us satisfied with several crossovers between the sister shows over Private Practice's six-year run.

Now that Private Practice has finished, though, it's high time for Addison to be brought back into the fold. We'd love to see her on full-time, but we imagine Kate might be a little tired of the breakneck pace of TV production. (Plus, she has a hot new film to shoot.)

So we'll settle for, oh, every other episode? Every third episode?

What about you? How much more Addison do you want? Sound off below!

Source: Shonda Rhimes on Twitter

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