Bachelorette 2014 Bleachable Moments: Nick Viall’s Awkward Silence Takes the Cake
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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2014 Bleachable Moments: Nick Viall’s Awkward Silence Takes the Cake

This tenth season of The Bachelorette has been a crazy, emotional rollercoaster — from highs like Chris Soules’s sweet secret notes to Andi Dorfman, to lows like when Andi turned around and broke the handsome farmer’s heart (why, Andi!?), to holy-crap-get-me-off-this-ride awkward moments. Andi’s guys provided us with a whole lot of channel-changing, squirm-worthy situations, but none so much as Brett Melnick and Nick Viall, whose Bachelorette Bleachable Moments presented by Clorox received the highest number of votes this season.

To refresh your memory, mulleted hairstylist Brett kicked things off with a bleach-worthy moment in the season premiere — right as he stepped out of the limo. And instead of putting his best foot forward with Andi, he put his best lamp forward? Yep, the 29-year-old’s housewarming gift for the new Bachelorette was a giant lamp… from his own hotel room! If you’re going to give your prospective wife something at your first meeting, make it something good (and that you own!). But the worst was yet to come...

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Though 41 percent of Viggle users were skeeved out enough by Brett’s cat burglar ways to give him the season’s most bleachable moment, it’s the man with a thousand nicknames — McSalty, Tricky Nicky, McSneaky — Nick who reigned supreme. In Episode 7, the Midwestern salesman walked right into a hotel room full of guys talking about him, causing the longest group silence in the history of time.
Coach Brian Osborne finally saved everyone from their misery by confronting Nick about their issues, but enough damage had been done, spurring 59 percent of voters to call this forever silence the most bleachable of Season 10 — a true feat!

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