Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Callie Did Not Deserve to Be Punished!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Callie Did Not Deserve to Be Punished!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 15 ("Throwing It All Away"), we felt like Leah had a point about how Callie let her personal feelings interfere with her duty as a teacher. For a second, we actually supported Leah's decision to file an official complaint. But then we went back and re-watched the scene in question, and now we're calling BS.

As you probably know, on Episode 15 Leah went to HR, bringing up an incident that happened in Season 10, Episode 10, when Leah accidentally drilled through a patient's bone under Callie's supervision. We know that's the incident in question because HR asked Arizona about it this week, as part of the inquiry.

Here's what Leah had to say about the incident last night (she was talking to Arizona during this little speech): "I never thought about [our relationship] in terms of work. It was you who brought it into the hospital. You told Dr. Torres about us, and Dr. Torres chose not to teach me in a moment that put a patient in danger. She made me put a patient in danger. So did you."

If that was what happened, we'd be on Leah's side. One problem: We saw the scene in question, and that is not what happened. Heck, you can re-watch it for yourself right here.

Two key points:

1. Callie didn't even know Arizona had slept with Leah! At this point, Callie knew Arizona had slept with someone, but she didn't know who. This is the scene where she figured it out — but not until after Leah drilled through the bone.

2. Callie was teaching. In her little speech, Leah claimed she missed out on a learning opportunity because of the love triangle. But what actually happened is that Callie walked her step by step through the procedure (teaching), Leah messed up and freaked out, Callie tried to coach her through fixing it (teaching), Leah continued to freak out, and then Leah turned to Arizona to appeal for help. She is the one who brought their non-professional relationship into the ER.

It was only at that point that Callie figured out what had been going on between Arizona and Leah. Yes, her response was to take the drill away from Leah — but that's what Leah wanted her to do. Literally the reason Leah turned to Arizona was so that Arizona would convince Callie to take the drill. If the patient's life was ever in danger, it wasn't because of Callie or Arizona, it was because Leah lost her cool.

So, basically: Callie was a teacher. Leah messed up, which happens when you're learning. Then Leah freaked out and stopped listening to Callie even though Callie was still trying to teach her. And then Leah brought her sex life into the ER. All Callie did was take a drill away from a resident who was clearly unable to cope anymore.

Remind us again how Callie did something wrong? Unless the writers are going to claim there was some other incident that we don't know about, and Arizona was asked about the leg incident for no reason whatsoever, this seems like a ridiculous retcon.

What do you think: Is this punishment unfair? Let us know in the comments below!

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