Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Cristina and Owen Get Back Together? Kevin McKidd Says…
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Will Cristina and Owen Get Back Together? Kevin McKidd Says…

There were many heartbreaking moments in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale last night, but one of the biggest ones was total deja vu. Beloved couple Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) broke up again, citing the same reasons that they split last time — kids. But is this really the end for them, or is there hope for a reunion in Season 10?

According to Kevin, it’s never over for them. “I doubt it because whether they ever are together again, there's so much connection and history between them that they're always going to have some kind of relationship,” he told TV Guide. Ironically, he also used a metaphor about divorced parents with kids to describe their future.

“It's almost like people who are parents; if they break up, they'll always be connected by that thing,” he explained. “Owen and Cristina have been through so much that those things will never go away.”

As for where Owen will be next season? He doesn’t have a script in hand, but he does know that he’ll “feel a lot of yearning and be heartbroken for quite some time,” though he notes they’re actually in a good place. In fact, this split is more rational and less dramatic. He points out that she made the adult and “honorable” decision to let him “off the hook” since otherwise, he’d continue living in denial about his need for kids so he could be with her.

Ultimately, though this is a tough place for Owen to be since he wasn’t expecting it, Kevin isn’t giving up hope for them; in fact, he knows they will “evolve” next season into the “next phase of their relationship.”

“I don't think it's the end for them, it's just another turn in their very complicated relationship. In a strange way, this is Cristina showing how much she cares for this guy,” he explains, much to our delight, later adding, “There's something about Cristina and Owen and the way these two dance around each other that's fun to play and hopefully good to watch. I just see it as an interesting twist in their journey.”

Do you think Owen and Cristina will ever, ever, ever get back together? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide

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