Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Cristina Yang
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Cristina Yang

It’s almost July, which means Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 is about to start up production. Though we don’t as much pull with creator Shonda Rhimes as we’d like (read: any), we do have a lot of ideas, hopes, and dreams for our favorite doctors next season.

When we last left Cristina Yang, she was breaking up with on-again, off-again beau Owen Hunt because she didn’t want to be selfish. He wants kids and she definitely doesn’t, and that’s something that would always get in the way of their mutual happiness. Things weren’t all bad for her, though. Her best friend, Meredith Grey, gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy; she was back in the cardiac surgery saddle; and she was even mentoring an intern in her own unique way.

With that in mind, here are three things we want for Cristina in Season 10:

1. Focus on her career — with a balance. Cristina has had her ups and downs post-plane crash, but now that she’s back on her feet, she can make a big impact at Grey Sloan Memorial. We all know how insanely talented she is, and we’d love to see her take on a big surgery, a complicated case, or perhaps even a cardiac clinical trial. With that said, we don’t want her to get too lost in her career and forget about her friends and family — that’s happened before, and we want her to have balance in her life.

2. Pass the torch. She may not be the friendliest to the interns, but now that they’re definitely sticking around (all except Heather upped to series regulars), she could be a great mentor. Sure, she’d be reluctant at first, but seeing her warm up to someone and truly teaching would be a great arc for Cristina. I mean, once you’ve performed heart surgery in the dark, there’s nothing you can’t teach...

3. Break the cycle: resolve or start anew. We love Cristina and Owen, but they need to decide once and for all if they can be together or not. Though things ended in the finale, we have a feeling that at least one of them is going to come back for more, and that is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. Either they need to resolve things and make a decision about kids, or sadly move on. They both deserve better than an on-again, off-again relationship that changes so frequently — in order to succeed, they need to have a stable life, both in and out of the hospital.