So You Think You Can Dance: Which Season 10 Dancer Should Be an All-Star?
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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Which Season 10 Dancer Should Be an All-Star?

One of the many things we love about So You Think You Can Dance is that you never really have to say goodbye. Some of our favorite dancers from years past have returned time and again as All-Stars.

Last season was so full of talent, we’d have a hard time choosing just one dancer to partner up with this one of this year’s Top 10 contestants. Ballroom dancer Jenna Johnson was already confirmed as a Season 11 All-Star when she showed up to help her partner audition. But who else from Season 10 should make an encore appearance?

That’s the question we put to Viggle LIVE! users during the fourth and final auditions episode. And we hope you’re listening, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, because nearly half of our viewers want to see more Fik-Shun. The adorable hip hop dancer, who won the title of America’s Favorite Male Dancer last season, also won the hearts of 49 percent of Vigglers.

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Behind him is Jasmine Harper; 28 percent of fans want to see her legs for days once again trip the lights fantastic, while Fik-Shun’s partner and co-winner, Amy Yakima, earned 23 percent of the votes.

Frankly, we’d be excited to see any one of them make a comeback!

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