Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Derek
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Derek

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 doesn’t kick off for a few months, but we already have so many feelings about what should happen when we reunite with the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors. When the medical drama ended its ninth season, a lot of characters’ relationships were up in the air, but one stayed true: Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. While it was a bumpy road to the finish — Mer almost died giving birth to their son, Bailey — they ended the episode with a happy and healthy baby boy and a positive outlook going into Season 10.

That may all change if Richard Webber is dead, but until then, we’re trying not to worry too much. Since we’ve already dished what we want for MerDer and what we want for Meredith, it’s time to focus on McDreamy. Here are three things we want for Derek in Season 10:

1. Start a new clinical trial. OK, so his last one ended in a disaster, but now that Meredith and Derek have put that behind them, it’s time for him to start anew. While we think they could make a great team to do another one together, we’d be fine with Derek embarking on one solo, perhaps something not only neuro-specific, but something groundbreaking that other doctors aren’t even talking about. However, we also don’t want him to get so caught up with work that his family is at all ignored, which brings us to our next thought.

2. Focus on family — hello, McDaddy! Derek is now a dad to two adorable children, so obviously we want to see that. As with Meredith, we want to make sure he balances work and home life, but most of all, we want to see him interacting with Zola and Bailey! There are so many potential moments to see MerDer finally happy and not in a tizzy of drama, and while we don’t want a whole episode about changing diapers, it would be great to see their family dynamic featured.

3. Bring back the whip-smart surgeon of yesteryear. Since the plane crash, Derek has understandably not been the same. Now that his hand is fully reconstructed and healed, we’d love to see him doing more complex, interesting, and exciting surgeries. With his experience, Derek is notorious for finding crazy workarounds for seemingly inoperable patients and discovering new and innovative surgical techniques. We’d love to see him embrace these, and in addition to a potential trial, he could make a big impact just by doing his job.

What do you want for Derek in Season 10? Sound off below!