Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 13, “Take It Back”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 13, “Take It Back”

We can hardly contain ourselves — it’s finally Grey’s Day! What, was that long wait a big deal? We totally handled it with no emotional backlash whatsoever. Didn’t you?

Anyway, tonight’s the night we get the answers to the questions that have been on our minds for over two months… or so we hope. So who did April choose? And what’s going on with Callie and Arizona? Time to find out!

Here are all our top questions we’ve had since the December 12 finale — and the answers we got after watching tonight’s episode, Episode 13: “Take it Back.”

Did April choose Jackson or Matthew? In an opening sequence that was every bit as epic as promised, we find out that April chose Jackson — but not without some serious emotional consequences. The instant she got into Jackson’s car, we could see her in panic mode… which kicked it up to high gear hours later while she made a mad dash for it while she and Jackson were still driving.

After the two week fast forward, we find out exactly how rough Stephanie’s taking this, especially since she has to work around Jackson every day. But Leah thinks she should fight against their boss who took advantage of her… just like she should have done with Arizona. Trouble is definitely brewing.

But Jackson and April are together and happy, just as we dreamed of. Even if they are keeping it a secret for now.

What did Derek tell the president? As predicted, Derek said yes (because who would tell the president no?). Meredith, understandably, is pissed to the max that Derek went back on his promise — isn’t there something on the Post It that rules this illegal in their marriage?

Derek meets up with people sent by the POTUS to grill him on info they found in his background check, and it’s the most miserable game of 20 questions we’ve ever seen. They do uncover something shady: Derek’s been sending $3,500 a month to Michael Betcher’s mother.

So who’s Michael Betcher? Someone who Derek played hockey with as a teenager who got hurt while they were playing, and is now in constant medical care because of the injuries he sustained. So Derek sends money to his family every month to help deflect the costs. How can this guy possibly continue to get more perfect?

What happened to Alex’s dad? He’s stable when the episode kicks off, but his condition is worsening. He’s pretty mad about the stunt Shane pulled, and, in true Alex Karev fashion, ends up blurting out that Cristina covers for him because they’re sleeping together. To Owen and Richard.

Two weeks pass, and Alex calls his (ex?) wife to come see him, but she isn’t interested in saying her goodbyes. And, um, Alex kind of kicks Shane’s butt. You know, there’s, like, blood and everything. People in this hospital should really know better than to piss off a guy who’s not afraid to throw punches.

And Alex’s dad passes away before the episode is through — the latest in Shonda Rhimes casualties. RIP, Jimmy!

And what about Callie and Arizona? So far, so good. After Arizona tearfully admits that now that she’s a different person, their home doesn’t feel like her home anymore. So they do the only thing there is to do: Buy a new house together. And it’s totally adorable, even if it is a murder house.

Speaking of relationships… what’s the status on Jo and Alex? Jo’s a little confused about what that status is, too, after he introduces her to Jimmy’s wife as her fiance. Apparently, Alex thought that his big, emotional speech to Jo before the wedding equaled a proposal, and takes Jo telling him she’s not ready really badly.

And in case you were wondering… Ben and Bailey are back to normal after Bailey finds out he didn’t actually want to leave his surgical program, he only did it to be close to her. Aww. Now he’s back at Grey-Sloan, so these two can finally experience wedded bliss in the same area code.

Meanwhile, Meredith and Cristina too, are (almost) back to normal. Well, they’re working on a surgery together, which is something, right?

And we can’t forget the massive board meeting that got called… about the fact that one of the surgical residents has lodged three separate complaints about sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. This leads HR to encourage a zero tolerance initiative that means all hospital relationships that don’t include pre-existing marriages are kaput.

Oh, and the biggest bombshell of them all: It appears Jackson and April are married. Oops!

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