Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 14, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 14, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”

Time to get down to business: What’s with this whole Jackson and April being married thing? Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in tonight’s episode, “You’ve Got to Give Your Love Away”... and find out what’s up with this whole sexual harassment suit that’s rocking the hospital.

Feels good to have our Thursday nights back, right? And just in case you need a refresher after watching tonight’s episode — or in case you missed it — here is what you need to know:

No one is happy about the no-fraternization rule… and we mean no one. Especially not Alex, who’s okay at first after he and Jo fake a huge blowout (complete with tears) in front of everyone so they can sneak around without being suspected. But when they get caught hooking up in a closet — at the same time the secretly married Jackson and April are discovered — their covers are blown.

Alex ends up exploding in a serious way at a board meeting, where he reminds them that this hospital was practically built on doctors and interns getting busy. And, you know, the man’s got a point.

Callie and Arizona are in the full swing of moving. In fact, it’s been, what, a week since they bought their house, and they’re already in it and unpacking? Phew! Next time we move, we want their help.

Cristina and Meredith are BFFs again and we love it. It’s so good to see them back to their old selves, getting drunk and talking about boys, that we almost forget we’re down to the wire on Cristina’s last episodes — ugh. But for now, she’s here, and she and Mer are the besties we know and love.

And speaking of Cristina… she’s caught the news that Owen and Emma are moving in together, and she can’t believe it. In her head, she and Owen were never truly over until now. Well, until a drunken Cristina shows up at the trailer to offer Owen a bottle of very expensive wine to congratulate him on taking his relationship to the next level… but instead, they kinda end up sleeping together. Oops.

This leads to Owen ending his relationship with Emma, because he’s realized a future with her isn’t what he wants. Is what he wants a childless future with Cristina? Time will tell...

Derek’s in the midst of interviews with the president’s people and he doesn’t think it’s going too well… and Meredith’s a little happy about it. Can we blame her? He broke his promise to her! She’s going to be a bit miffed for awhile. But actually, the president’s guys (or gals) love him so much they want him to be on the advisory board for the brain mapping project — as in, run the whole thing. Snazzy!

And the interns are experiencing some major tension over this whole sexual harassment thing… especially when everyone is pointing fingers at Stephanie. But Leah ends up emotionally confessing that she’s actually the one to blame for the new no-fraternization rule… even if Jo doesn’t like it.

Also, it’s adorable how Bailey’s husband, Ben, is now a part of their group — we think we’ll like having him back in Seattle.

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