Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 15, “Throwing It All Away”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 15, “Throwing It All Away”

Uh oh, Arizona — your bad day is here. On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Episode 15: “Throwing It All Away”) it’s all about our favorite peds surgeon… and her terrible luck.

Miss the episode or need to catch up? Here’s what you need to know:

Derek’s new job means he’s gotta let go of other projects… like the one he originally had going with Callie. Apparently, the White House isn’t taking too kindly to him working on two brain mapping studies at once, and guess which one has to go? Callie is furious, obvs.

Arizona breaks her prosthetic leg with Stephanie plows into her with a gurney and has to use her old leg instead of her fancy new one. This means it squeaks every time she takes a step… yikes! But Arizona takes it really well — when her leg breaks, she doesn’t bat an eye. She just says, “It’s all right, I have another one in my car.” Oh, okay.

Jo and Stephanie find a baby in the dumpsters behind the hospital who’s got a scar from an earlier surgery. Jo’s not allowed to work on him, though, because she’s been spending too much time in peds lately… but as it turns out, she gets to work on a pretty unique organ donor case, so she ends up being fine with it.

Stephanie also hits Jackson with a gurney later — this girl’s on a roll tonight! And after April finds out that Matthew quit his job as a paramedic after the disaster that was their Not Wedding, she encourages Jackson to apologize to Stephanie. Which he does… but Stephanie announces she officially Does Not Care.

HR wants to talk to Arizona about Leah’s harassment complaint but when Arizona gets to her meeting to answer questions, she finds out that it’s not her the complaint was against… it’s Callie. And we’re sure you can imagine Callie’s frustration that Leah has chosen to go after her in revenge, especially, as Callie notes, after she already went through that malpractice suit.

But after a talk in the OR between Arizona and Leah, Arizona realizes Leah has a point — her education was compromised in all kinds of ways because of their relationship. Oops.

Speaking of heart to hearts… we actually get a dose of what Alex is thinking, which is rare, but always awesome. Meredith (who is in this episode for, like, two seconds) talked to HR and found a love contract that Alex and Jo could both sign and it would make their relationship okay in the eyes of the hospital. But Alex is hesitant to sign. Why? He’s worried that all the trouble their relationship has caused Jo will send her running, like Izzie did.

And after Arizona’s awful day is over, she and Callie talk at home. Arizona’s realized that she’s only cared about herself after the plane crash, because of how it turned her whole world upside down. So Arizona wants to feel like herself again, and Callie’s the perfect person to help: She pulls Arizona’s old roller skates out of the closet and the two go for a (clumsy) skate outside their brand new house. Adorable!

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