Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17: What to Expect From “Do You Know?”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17: What to Expect From “Do You Know?”

There are a thousand different ways any life can go, and on Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17: "Do You Know?" we'll get to see Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) imagine two different futures for herself. In a completely un-shocking twist, they both involve her relationship with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

So what should we expect from this Sliding Doors-style episode? We've gathered all of the most interesting info about the episode, which was directed by Chandra Wilson (Miranda Bailey), right here.

Let's start with the official synopsis of the episode, which doesn't tell us a whole lot:

Cristina imagines the two routes her life can take based on one decision she makes. Meanwhile one of the hospital’s patients decides whether or not to live.

What is that "one decision"? While we don't know for sure, the promo suggests it's the choice to be with Owen, for real, vs. the choice to finally let him go. Meanwhile, we know that pivotal patient will be played by Mad Men’s Charlie Hofheimer, and he also has a wife, played by Elise Castor.

The synopsis uses the word "meanwhile," but it sounds like that patient trying to decide his fate actually has an effect on Cristina's mindset as she thinks about her possible futures.

Based on these promo pics, it looks like Owen and Cristina have a baby in one timeline (unless they are just babysitting?). It's probably the one where Cristina tells Owen that he's the love of her life and they should be together. We're guessing that's the same timeline where this fight happens, though maybe not.

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Catch this episode tomorrow, Thursday, March 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.