Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17 Review: What Did You Think of “Do You Know?”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17 Review: What Did You Think of “Do You Know?”

Cristina (Sandra Oh) imagines two futures for herself and Owen (Kevin McKidd) in Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 17 — "Do You Know?" — but neither is particularly appealing. Read on…

In Timeline #1, we see Cristina — startled by her patient's desire to give up on life — profess her love for Owen. We see them get a new house, a scruffy new dog, and a baby bump. (Though Cristina hilariously refuses to be "belly buddies" with an equally-preggers April.) But their relationship starts to fray when Owen mulls over a job in Germany — with Teddy (Kim Raver), no less. We miss you, T!

When Cristina gives birth, she has an ominous freakout, whispering that she made a mistake — and being a mother proves rough, so much so that she gives up her trial and gives it to Shane (Gaius Charles). But before long, she's pregnant again. In the future, she gets gussied up for Harper Avery award ceremony, but it's Shane who gets the prize, with Cristina crying for the bathroom.

In Timeline #2, Cristina and Owen continue their casual relationship, until Owen realizes that he wants Cristina more than he wants kids. But as they progress with their career, Cristina gets more invested in her career to the point where her heart-3D-printing is her sole focus. They break up, and Cristina begs Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) not to let her go back to him. Owen develops a drinking problem, though, and begs Cristina to marry him.

In the next scene, Cristina is dressed in a very white dress and waiting for her man to show up. The man in question, though, is a tuxedoed Shane — and we all think that they're gonna walk down the aisle. But he's actually presenting her with the Harper Avery. Owen is busy at the hospital, but he's screwing up left and right, and the hospital board realizes they have to cut him loose.

So in the end, we have one future in which Cristina and Owen are married with children, with Cristina giving up her career. The other sees Cristina at the top of her game but with no romance.

In the end, Cristina chooses a third future, walking away with Meredith and leaving Owen — and the Owen decision — waiting at the elevator.

We loved the production of this episode — especially how the future is portrayed. Hairstyles change, scrubs evolve, wrinkles form, cell phones and video screens get all hologrammy, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) becomes a TV pitchwoman.

But what does it mean? Maybe Cristina rejects both futures? Maybe she thinks that she can have it all? Maybe she finally understands Mer's predicament as a working spouse and mother?Let us know what you think the message is in the comments below, and rate the episode with the star system here.

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