Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 19, “I’m Winning”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 19, “I’m Winning”

Who’s winning? Cristina’s winning on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy — well, maybe. Tonight, she finds out she’s nominated for the coveted Harper Avery award, and everybody wants to congratulate her… but she’s not interested in the attention.

And why not? Check out our recap below to find out. Here’s what you need to know about this week’s episode of Grey’s: Season 10, Episode 19: “I’m Winning”:

Cristina’s Harper Avery nom sets the hospital abuzz — and the jealousy is rampant. The interns begin panicking about getting their careers going so that one day, they too, will have a shot at the award. Meanwhile, Bailey’s miffed that she taught Cristina everything she knows and doesn’t have an award to prove it, and Meredith? Poor Mer schedules a surprise champagne toast for Cristina to mask her jealousy, and wore waterproof mascara in case she’d cry. Aww.

But Cristina eventually learns that getting the attention isn’t a bad thing, because her newfound clout helps her get the FDA to approve a new procedure that could help her save a young patient’s life.

You know what else helps her? Jackson charging the full $25,000 cost to get the stuff they need to the hospital. Who has a $25K credit limit? Man, it must be good to be an Avery.

Derek and Callie practice using their fancy new brain machine with interesting results. When someone sits in the snazzy brain chair (you know, the official medical term for the equipment) and talks about certain topics or looks at different images, their brain lights up, indicating whether their feelings on said topic or image is positive or negative. This teaches us a lot about the person in the chair. For example? Callie’s feeling a little depressed about a lot of things, but when Meredith walks in with Baby Bailey, her lights are all positive. But more on this later.

Oh, and BTW: Jo hates everything — including kittens. How could anyone hate kittens?!

Alex is debating taking a job at the private practice with the hospital’s new doctor. He’s not so sure at first — isn’t he not supposed to be in this for the money? But Jo encourages him to give it a shot, and he calls the doc. Go, Alex!

Back to the Callie/baby thing. After a little deliberation, Calzona decides to try again at giving Sofia a little brother or sister. Is it too early to start planning the baby shower?

The episode ends with a jackpot for Crowen fans. They discuss Cristina’s impending possible career-changing award in their signature hideout: The air vents. Ugh, we love them, even though they’re so not meant to be.

Super sweet bonus fact: Richard carries around a photo of himself with Ellis Grey the night she won her first Harper Avery award. No, that’s not a tear. There must be a branch in our eye.

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