Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 4: Owen Moves On With New Flirtation!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 4: Owen Moves On With New Flirtation!

Classic Grey's Anatomy set-up: Character demands that a loved one do something, that loved one reluctantly does it, and the character realizes that that's not what he or she wanted all along.

And so it was in Season 10, Episode 4 — "Puttin' on the Ritz" — as Cristina realized that, having pressured ex Owen to move on and start dating other people, that perhaps she's not ready for him to move on and date other people.

Granted, it's not like she didn't have a chance. Rich Uncle Pennybags was clearly lapping up her faux-flirtation at the gala and thought that she wanted more from him than zeroes on his check. And even when she bluntly shot him down, he wanted her all the more for it. (He was a bit of a skeeve, sure, but not necessarily an unattractive skeeve.)

But Owen stumbled into a new romantic prospect, having chatted up a cute brunette at the party under the assumption that she was a potential donor. She was not: She was a surgeon from a rival hospital hoping to cash in on the partygoers' generosity.

Then, as Cristina and Owen chatted at the hospital, said cute brunette interrupted them, having followed him there — and Owen seemed happy to see her, while Cristina looked a little crestfallen.

Cristina, what was that about you being a "shark"?

Do you think Owen and his new lady friend really have a shot? Or is he still hung up on Cristina?

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