Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 4 Promo: 4 Things We Learn About the 200th Episode!
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10, Episode 4 Promo: 4 Things We Learn About the 200th Episode!

Grey’s Anatomy is celebrating its 200th episode on Thursday (October 10), and it’s going to be the event of the season. But it wouldn’t be an episode of Grey’s if there wasn’t drama.

Who is Meredith flirting with? (Hint: It’s not McDreamy!) Is Cristina looking for an on-call room hook-up? And why is Richard pushing Bailey away (literally)? Wetpaint Entertainment has taken a close look at the preview for the Season 10, Episode 4 (“Puttin’ on the Ritz”), and it’s chock-full of shocking surprises.

Here are the most important things we've gathered from our frame-by-frame analysis:

Party time! In order to raise the money they need to repair the hospital, Grey Sloan Memorial is throwing a gala for Seattle’s rich and famous. And you know that means — champagne, aerial acts, and fire-breathers! But there’s also some fire behind the scenes, as the docs strip out of their scrubs and let loose.

“You were flirting.” No, we’re not talking about Callie and Arizona (for once). Instead, Derek seems upset at Meredith for “flirty” with a partygoer. Meredith insists that she “doesn’t know” what he’s talking about, but clearly, McDreamy is upset. But don’t worry too much MerDer fans. This isn’t another Finn situation. We think Meredith was chatting up a potential benefactor. After all, she’s owns part of this hospital now, and she’s going to do whatever it takes to get Grey Sloan Memorial up and running.

Cristina lets loose! Owen, who? In typical Cristina yang fashion, it looks like she’s turned this gala into a game. “Playing dirty,” she says. “It’s like when we were interns!” Is Cristina trying to woo as many rich men as she can for the benefit of the hospital? And how will Owen feel about this? Who cares! Fun Cristina is back, and we’re loving it.

Richard lashes out. At the end of last week’s episode, Richard confessed to Meredith that he wanted her to let him die. (Talk about being a major buzzkill, Chief Webber.) And in Episode 4, he’s still in the same old bad mood. But we all know how much Bailey wants to see the former Chief back on his feet. If only Richard felt the same way. It looks like Richard gets so fed up with Bailey trying to help him that he pushes her away — hard! Bailey falls back in shock.

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Catch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, October 10, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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