Grey’s Anatomy Music: Songs From Season 10, Episode 5, “I Bet It Stung”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Music: Songs From Season 10, Episode 5, “I Bet It Stung”

The music geniuses behind the scenes of Grey's Anatomy have been hard at work finding the perfect music to underscore the comedy and tragedy of our favorite Seattle surgeons… including a song that celebrates the playfulness of life and ukuleles!

Song: "Ukulele Anthem"
Artist: Amanda Palmer
Scene: The docs wake up

So play your favorite cover song, especially if the words are wrong
'Cause even if your grades are bad, it doesn't mean you're failing
Do your homework with a fork
And eat your fruit loops in the dark
And bring your Etch-a-Sketch to work
And play your ukulele

Song: "You Know You Like It"
Artist: Aluna George
Scene: The docs arrive at the bar

I'm no fool, no, I'm not a follower
I don't take things as they come, if they bring me down
Life can be cruel, if you're a dreamer
I just wanna have some fun, don't tell me what can't be done

Song: "The End"
Artist: Fitz & the Tantrums
Scene: Stephanie defends herself to Catherine

There's nowhere to go down swinging
Everything we do keeps crashing down
Seems the song we've sung has gone out of style
We twistin' our words when we know we have to end

Song: "Let's Go"
Artist: Vassy

"Color Outside the Lines"
Artist: Hedley

You're not alone
I'll never care how far you go
You'll always know it
Say, say, say you love me
'Cause I need to color outside the lines

Song: "Let's Go"
Artist: Little Jackie
Scene: Callie, at long last, dances in her underwear

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