Grey’s Anatomy Finale: Why Is Cristina Departing, and What Will Happen?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Finale: Why Is Cristina Departing, and What Will Happen?

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 finale, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is officially leaving on a jet plane… and never coming back again. We know, we’re as sad as you are. But it doesn’t mean we don’t want to figure out why she’s going across the pond when she makes her final exit!

According to recent spoilers compliments of a Grey’s guest star, we now know that the Season 10 finale not only features a voiceover by Cristina herself, but a huge change in local for our favorite cardiothoracic goddess — Europe, anyone?

Now we’re left to put together the pieces with the limited info that we have to figure out why Cristina’s going to Europe. Here are the options we’ve come up with:

Cristina’s on vacation. Cristina? On vacation? Yeah right. But maybe, just maybe, our lovable workaholic has a new, intense job offer and wants to take a little time off to travel before she starts? Maybe Owen (Kevin McKidd) is going with her? We could totally see Crowen backpacking across Europe and doing the hostel thing.

Something terrible happens, and Cristina wants to leave for good. If we know anything about Cristina, it’s that she’s not up for more tragedy. We know the finale involves some kind of disaster, so something big is definitely headed our way. If Cristina was ready to bolt after the hospital shooting and the plane crash, we know another tragedy would be the last straw.

Cristina’s got a new job in Europe — maybe even in Germany with Teddy (Kim Raver)? When Teddy left, she was headed for a new job as the chief of surgery for US army. Is it possible that she’s offered Cristina a position she couldn’t refuse? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Or maybe, it’s a totally different job opportunity Cristina’s taking? If she does indeed win the Harper Avery, her phone will be ringing off the hook. Maybe she’ll be off to Europe to expand her medical research? Or work at a prestigious hospital abroad? Possibilities are endless!

Why do you think Cristina’s headed to Europe? Do you think she’s headed there for good?