Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Finale: Does Cristina Live or Die? The Answer Is…
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Finale: Does Cristina Live or Die? The Answer Is…

When we first heard Sandra Oh would be leaving Grey’s Anatomy at the end of this season, a burning question popped into our heads: Will Cristina die? Creator Shonda Rhimes is known for writing characters off her show via tragic (and usually emotionally scarring) deaths and we’d be so sad (but not shocked) if Cristina left the show in a body bag filled with our tears.

But according to TV Line, it doesn’t sound like Cristina’s end will be too violent. Although we already know we can expect a terrorism-fueled disaster, it sounds like Grey Sloan’s part is just in receiving and caring for the victims. In fact, the new spoiler reveals that the attack is “a backdrop to the episode’s main event: Cristina’s emotional (and non-deadly) exit.”

Was that a collective sigh of relief we just heard? Don’t worry. Us, too. We’ve been worried for months that Cristina would go out the way Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) did, and that would be absolutely heartbreaking. We can’t go through that again!

The biggest plus to Cristina leaving alive? Her character can return, and not as a ghost, either — Denny, we’re looking at you. We don’t expect to see Cristina back again for a while, but it would be awesome if she was, you know, alive to make a cameo in the eventual series finale.

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Source: TV Line