Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Details About the Season Finale Disaster
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Details About the Season Finale Disaster

Even though the season finale for Grey's Anatomy Season 10, Episode 24 — is still five weeks away, we're starting to piece together what will happen in the sure-to-be climactic capper.

Casting sides for the episode — cryptic notes about the episode used to cast actors — say that there will be a massive car accident, but we're not so convinced. We think something even worse is going to happen — and that it will be a lot closer to home for the Grey Sloan Memorial docs. Here's our argument:

  • As we know, casting sides can be very cagey, renaming characters and even rewriting storylines. (For example, a casting side for Episode 18 said that the Austrian visitor Dr. Strauss was impressed by a cardiothoracic surgeon, not a neurosurgeon like Derek.)

  • In recent years, the season finales have alternated between disaster drama and and emotional/relationship drama — Season 6 was the hospital shooting, Season 7 was Mer-Der strife, Season 8 was the plane crash, and Season 9 was the Calzona affair. That means that we're due for another disaster here in Season 10.

  • The casting sides mention three possible causes for the "pile-up" scenario: a gang-related carjacking, an out-of-control car, and a wayward dog. Either there's a lot of false information floating around about the accident's cause in the story — or the casting sides writers aren't getting their lies straight!

  • In the sides, a reporter on the scene at Grey Sloan says that it's an "intensely dangerous situation" for her to even be there. If the calamity were a car accident, why would it be dangerous for her to be at the hospital?

  • An eight-month pregnant woman has a tourniqueted arm that is missing part of her forearm and hand. It's not impossible for her to sustain such injuries in a car crash, but they seem more likely to have come from something like a building collapse.

  • TVLine's "May Sweeps Scorecard" notes that one show will have a workplace destroyed during the TV episodes airing in May. Not saying it's Grey's, but not saying it isn't!

  • We've already had a massive car pile-up — in Season 9, Episode 19.

  • Executive producer Tony Phelan tweeted that we'll be "shaken not stirred" by the finale, leading us to infer that some sort of jolt will strike Seattle, whether it be a structure collapse or an earthquake.

What do you think might happen in the finale? Cast your best guess in comments below!

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