Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: What Role Should the Interns Have?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: What Role Should the Interns Have?

Most details about Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 are being kept under tight lock and key, but there’s one thing we know for sure: the interns are coming back. Four out of five interns have been upped to series regulars (Tina Majorino, aka Heather, had other commitments), meaning we’re going to see a lot more of them this fall.

We’ve already questioned if this is a good thing for the show or not, but now we’re wondering what the interns should do next season. In Season 9, a few of them were paired up with doctors (Jo and Alex became fan favorites, while Japril fans weren’t happy that Stephanie and Jackson got together), while others were kind of just in the background (we barely know Leah, except that she was involved with Bailey’s CDC case). It seemed like the writers didn’t know exactly what to do with this new generation of doctors, so we're hoping that next year, they'll have more defined roles to fill.

One of the all-star interns was Shane, who, in spite of his anxiousness, was able to step in and operate on Meredith Grey as she went into labor... in the dark. Bailey was the one to actually save the day, but seeing Shane in a bigger role after being mentored throughout the season was a nice change of pace. It had been a long time since we saw any of the attendings teach, and it’s a good time to step up from being a mentee to mentor for Meredith & Co. Cristina is the most reluctant, but we think she could impart some great knowledge on the interns if she gives them a chance.

Basically, it seems like the interns only do well when they’re interacting with the docs we already know and love. Storylines featuring them and only them are a bit snooze-worthy, and because of that, fans seem to have only warned up to Jo and Shane. So, instead of bloating out the cast and perhaps ignoring some of our favorite doctors, it would be great to see the interns intertwined with the current characters, giving them interesting experiences more like Meredith, Cristina, Alex, George, and Izzie had in Season 1.

What do you think the interns should do in Season 10? Leave your suggestions below!