Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Jackson and April
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Jackson and April

On Grey’s Anatomy, there are plenty of couples to love and adore, but no ship is more frustrating than Jackson Avery and April Kepner. These two have always had chemistry, but it wasn’t addressed until their Season 8 post-April-failing-the-boards hookup in the bathroom, and from there, things only got more frustrating for the duo.

First, April had a meltdown about losing her virginity and things ended. Then they started hooking up again, more or less casually, and eventually things started getting more serious. Finally, it looked like they were going to officially be together — but it was only because April thought she was pregnant. Jackson proposed and set our hearts aflutter, and then we were promptly crushed when her pregnancy test was negative and she jumped for joy at the idea of not marrying him. They promptly broke up, then moved on with other people (April even got engaged!), but that all changed in the Season 9 finale. After Jackson survived an explosion, April admitted her feelings for him, we cried, and now we have no idea what to expect next season. However, we do have a wish list for Season 10, and you can read three things we want the most for Japril below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Jackson and April
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1. Get together or just end things, already! While we want Jackson and April to get back together more than anything, we can’t deal with another season of will-they-won’t-they, wishy-washy angst. If they love each other, they should be together; if they don’t, then it should be over. Poor Matthew and Stephanie think they have happy relationships, yet it’s clear that April and Jackson still have feelings for each other. Now that said feelings have been addressed, they need to either be explored and used to launch a full-fledged relationship, or set aside for good, realizing that even though they care about each other, it will never work. Here’s to hoping for the former so we can have happy Japril feels in Season 10.

2. Either way, work together — even if it’s awkward. OK, so even if Jackson and April don’t get together, they should work together. Yes, it will be awkward, especially if they decide not to be together, but they make a great team. In Season 9, we saw them finally talk and work together during a difficult case, and though it wasn’t a romantic moment — Jackson actually turned down April and went to meet Stephanie and rekindled that flame after their surgery ended — there was a creative spark that we haven’t seen either of them have with someone else. They know how to encourage each other and almost read each other’s minds, making for quick moves in the OR and overall fantastic teamwork that would be a great asset for Grey Sloan Memorial.

3. No matter what, figure themselves out before they launch into any relationship. If it wasn’t already apparent, we want these two crazy kids to get together, but we also know that they have a lot of issues to work out before they jump into a relationship. Jackson basically owns the hospital and is dealing with backlash and authority problems, and April is still trying to find herself when it comes to her religion, her choices, and her relationships to everyone at the hospital. Jackson should focus on his plastic surgery while April focuses on her trauma unit (oh, and also passing the boards!), but at the same time, they could still be happy together. In a perfect world, they work on a few cases together at work, but mostly spend their time at the hospital working solo. After work, they can do whatever they want together, and hopefully cameras will roll to see some adorable moments at their respective apartments. (Side note, have we ever seen either of their places aside from April’s family farm?)

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