Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Are Meredith and Cristina Still Fighting?
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: Are Meredith and Cristina Still Fighting?

Say what you want about the rift between Callie and Arizona that nearly caused them to divorce — the most heartbreaking fight in Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 has obviously been the one between Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). It’s been torture watching the twisted sisters at odds.

But at April’s wedding in the midseason finale, their fight finally came to a head, and Cristina and Meredith have finally kissed and made up. But have they? Fans are a little blurry on the details, especially since their heartfelt conversation was interrupted by April’s pre-wedding meltdown.

And now that creator Shonda Rhimes has realized we’re not 100% clear on where Mer and Cristina stand, she’s taken to Twitter to clear the air.

“Here’s a weird thing: many of you didn’t seem to notice that Mer and Cristina MADE UP at the end of the last episode,” Shonda tweeted Friday.

Forgive us, Shonda — your characters’ reconciliations aren’t always what they seem!

And besides, not only was Cristina and Meredith’s fight the first huge one they’ve ever had, but they’ve also acknowledged that they’re growing apart… and they both said some things to each other that are hard to forget. We think these two might still have awhile to go before they’re the old BFFs we used to know.

Do you think Cristina and Meredith are officially friends again? Sound off below!

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