Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Meredith and Derek
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Meredith and Derek

At the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, nearly a year’s worth of anxiety went away when Meredith Grey gave birth to a healthy and happy son named Bailey. It was Miranda Bailey who saved her and the baby, causing Mer to name him after the veteran doc, and things were looking up for them — until the final seconds of the show when Richard Webber was seen presumably dead.

In Season 10 this fall, anything can happen. If Richard is, in fact, dead, then both Meredith and Miranda will be dealing with a lot. However, we’re not focused on that dynamic duo — we’re thinking ahead to what will happen for Meredith and her husband, Derek Shepherd, this season. MerDer has been through a lot, so will they finally get their happy ending now that baby Bailey is in the world?

Here are three things we want for MerDer in Season 10:

1. A little less drama, a little more family time. Though we don’t ever want Meredith and Derek to give up their careers, we would love to see them have more family time and less drama. This could mean seeing a glimpse into their home life with Zola and Bailey, or even just a few scenes outside of the hospital that aren’t just them sitting in their bedroom talking. With a new baby, things are going to change a lot, and though we don’t want Grey’s to become a sitcom, there’s a way to weave it in seamlessly. Perhaps even Cristina will be involved more, in spite of her distaste for kids. Who wouldn’t want to see Auntie Cristina babysit little Zola and Bailey?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want For Meredith and Derek
Credit: Randy Holmes/ ABC    

2. Working together in new ways. We’ve seen Derek and Meredith work together throughout the show’s nine seasons, and sometimes it works. As long as Mer doesn’t start a clinical trial and then tamper with the results to help someone (again), they do make a great team. (Though they don’t need to both be neurosurgeons, as we’ve learned.) While it seems like Bailey has taken over all things Alzheimer’s (genetic markers and all), there are plenty of other diseases and conditions they can tackle. Together, they can certainly make an impact on the medical world, and we’d love to see more focus on the patients next season. Crazy cases, ahoy!

3. Have more involvement with owning the hospital. Don’t get us wrong — the “buy the hospital” plot wasn’t the most exciting, but we’d love to see what their new roles bring in the new season. While we don’t want them to be there 24/7 (see also: bullet point No. 1), it will be an interesting dynamic with Jackson Avery at the helm of things, plus they clearly have exciting ideas and feelings about what could change at Grey Sloan Memorial. Will this mean less focus on fancy equipment and more on cutting-edge techniques? Could this bring them together on a professional level, as we hoped above? Will it be more than Meredith exclaiming, “I own the hospital and I can do whatever I want” when a mysterious disease comes along? We’re not sure, but we’re ready for some big changes.