Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Bailey “Get Her Mojo” Back?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers: Will Bailey “Get Her Mojo” Back?

As a general surgeon, Grey's Anatomy's Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) works with her patients' gut, diagnosing and correcting problems with all those temperamental abdominal organs. But she also has to work from the gut, too, relying on instincts to provide solutions technology might not reveal.

As Chandra tells E! Online, Bailey is going back to basics to "get her mojo" back in the OR — or, at least, "she's trying to."

"You know, because as a surgeon, you really do have to go by your gut a lot of times," she continues. "Because it's not something you can see, it's not showing up on a scan, you know, the visual field isn't what it needs to be, but your gut is telling you something else. And you know, it was about time for Bailey to depend on her gut."

Hear, hear! After her professional setbacks of late, we're happy that Bailey is redeeming her reputation. (After all, what's a little staph infection between friends?)

We saw a glimpse of her intuitiveness when she made Grouchy Richard (James Pickens Jr.) roommates with Ornery Gene in Episode 4 — the two Grumpy Old Men inspiring each other to be proactive about their own well-being.

Classic Bailey! We're so ready to see her once again reign over Grey Sloan Memorial.

Source: E! Online

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