Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want for Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10: 3 Things We Want for Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 is still months away, but that doesn't mean we've stopped thinking about the show. We're still trying to wrap our minds around what happened between Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) in the Season 9 finale, and we have a lot of thoughts about what we want to see next for this beloved (ex?) couple.

Here are three things we'd like to see from Owen and Cristina when the show returns.

1. Resolution. It seems like they're really over this time. Like, forever. Of course, with these two, you can never be sure; clearly, there are still a lot of feelings there. Whatever is in store for them, we're ready for a permanent decision in one direction or another. The last two seasons have been interesting, but there's only so many times we can watch Owen and Cristina have the same fight about kids. If they're over, let that be made clear, and let them begin to move on. If they're not, we need to get a hint of how they're going to resolve their differences.

2. Begin to figure out their new place in each others' lives. Assuming this breakup is for real, we're really interested to see how Owen and Cristina navigate their relationship going forward. They still have to work together, and clearly they have a strong bond that won't just disappear. Is it possible for them to be friends? Cordial colleagues? Whatever the answer, we think watching them figure it out will make for the kind of interpersonal drama Shonda Rhimes excels at. And hey, if they're forced to figure it out while also working together to save a patient or two at the same time, we wouldn't say no!

3. More focus on other relationships. And we don't necessarily mean romantic. All the Owen and Cristina drama over the last two years means we've had less time to explore their friendships, work relationships, etc. We'll be interested to see who they each turn to if they're heartbroken, and how that will affect their relationships with everyone around then.

What do you want to see from Owen and Cristina next year? Should they get back together, or stay apart? Sound off in the comments below.

07.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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