Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere: Our 4 Most Anticipated Scenes
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere: Our 4 Most Anticipated Scenes

The Grey's Anatomy Season 10 premiere (Season 10, Episode 1: "Seal Our Fate") airs tomorrow, September 26, and we're as excited and nervous as an intern on her first day. Season 9 left most of the docs in limbo one way or another, and we're expecting emotions to run high when we pick up where we left off.

Based on the sneak peeks, synopsis, promo pics, and spoilers, we know a decent amount about this episode, and there are certain scenes we are just dying to see. Here are our pick for our top four most anticipated moments.

Callie's bold decision. According to the official synopsis, "Callie makes a bold decision regarding her relationship" in the second hour of the premiere, and we are already biting our nails in anticipation of what it will be. Good or bad, after a summer of anxiety, we're ready to just know what the next step for Calzona is.

Richard struggles for his life. Whether or not Richard actually succumbs to his injuries (our money is on him making it out of the episode alive), you just know there's going to be an emotional sequence where he struggles for his life while the docs try their best to save their mentor. A perfectly-picked indie song will probably be playing. Bring on that Shonda Rhimes heartstring tugging — we're ready to ball our eyes out.

Japril gets awkward. We're not positive there will be a lot of Japril awkwardness in the premiere, but we're so ready for it if there is. The first two minutes of the episode already has a sequence where Stephanie runs in to comfort Jackson while he and April awkwardly eye each other. More of that, please! We need some humor in the midst of the storm.

Baby Bailey! OK, this is cheating, because it's not a specific scene. We just want to see lots of the MerDer baby. Cuteness overload, please.

What moments are you looking forward to most in the premiere? Sound off in the comments below.

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